Soulforge Train

  • Train with the biggest cargo-hold available on the market.
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    [align=justify]This train_ is used to transport_ large amounts of cargo around the houses of Sirius. Its vast hold is counter-set by its poor defensive and maneuverability during flight, which means that although profit margins during trading are high... so are the risks of running the trade routes. [/align]
    Stats: [list][*]Gun/Turret: 0/6 (6x10) [*]Armor: 45.000 [*]Cargo Space: 2.500 [*]Max Batteries/NanoBots: 0/0 [*]Optimal Weapon Class: N/A [*]Max. Weapon Class: N/A [*]Additional Equipment: CM [*]Can equip up to 6 [lexicon]Cargo containers[/lexicon]!
    ([i]Each will occupy 400 cargo units![/i]) [/list]
    Soulforge Train
    Additional Information: [list] [*]Price: $56.349.995 [*]Where to buy: [/list]


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