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  • The lesson learned today probably is that the event is doable even if you are relative new to the game.

    You were already writing it off after only getting a few waves done. But then we went right to the max wave.

    Even if you would only reach wave 10 in a random group (that is most likely to happen) you might earn ~1000 credits in that run. When the 100 enemies are defeated you would get a bonus that is twice as much as the credits you have earned while playing. The first 10 waves dont even take much time.... maybe 15-20 minutes.

    The event still runs 3-4 weeks.

    A total of 3000 event credits (bonus included) per day would easily get you to the max rewards.

    Its just a matter of starting early and doing small steps.

    The issue we had today was that we started doing the mission 1 hour before the invasion did end.

    The disadvantage is that our fleet was not able to defeat the 100 enemy ships after we left (probably not much was missing).

    So we did not get the bonus credits. We missed 4500 credits this way.

    The best strategy is to visit the flotilla and check the mission timer. Every invasion last 3 hours. Starting to play when there are 2-3 hours left would be perfect. Then there is enough time for to fight back all 100 enemy ships in time.

    It sucks a bit that we did not get the bonus credits... but maybe next time we can take care of a better timing.

    Generally I think the event is pretty fun.

    The cooperation inside the team and also the fact that up to 100 players can participate in that fight is great. I think when we started we had 5 ground squads and 4 in space. As team leader you get plenty of extra updates such as score updates or small communication windows showing which player on the space teams is using or requesting your kill codes. At a time during our fight an outside player on the flotilla has sent us heals into the mission (yep thats possible if people are willing to invest 75000 creds)



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