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  • Chimera.jpgThere is needed heavy editing with transfer to new lexicon for most of entries. Old formatting not looks good here and mainly new portal do not use bbcodes for text format. I quickly looked on ships entries and here are two: Adonis, Chimera which were reworked. New lexicon (how you see --> it is valid for whole portal) now can easily place images on sides of text (float left, right) and this remove the need use tables etc. Also lexicon do not need use bbcode, word is automatically detected in text which is smooth, but removes possibility of making choice if user want display lexicon article or not (this may be disadvantage).

    Please look on ship entries above and tell if is this format ok, or need to be adjusted. IF there should be done so much editing, then will be better do it only once.

    Changes: tables removed, lexicon bbcode removed, text format shifted to html, links leading to wiki removed, with the new portal system are not needed anymore.

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