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    Hello LynRyu.

    It sounds as though you are still navigating your way around Sirius. My love for CF2.0 is just that: exploring. Not much into the fighting part. I'm seen as neutral in SP and fly in God Mode. It makes it easier and unhindered to explore. If you like exploring, there are heaps of places for you to find. Denne mentioned OP and OG which are great choices. I'll give you one more: Dublin. Good flying.

    Wombat out.

    Sorry. Missed this post. Discuss as a Conversation.

    ........ Ringo …….. moving to Conversational Mode. I think you know why. I'm being too publically open here. Lesson learned. ;)

    this concerns me a bit what i,m reading here. i believe its removing the purpose of the game and the many hours spent putting stars and bases and mine fields factions and the challenge to find and explore for things. etc if you just going to tell people where everything is. whats the sense of playing the game. give them a tour book at manhattan and shut everything down thats not on the main road. common sense tells you if you shoot a plane with a missile. everything is destroyed. if a pilot finds a wreck and it releases items then good if it don,t then you move on. next you will be doing statistics on how many times the pilot uses the toilet and wether it was the same amount of water to flush it. to update details on systems since vast amounts of new work has been created great and well done. the archives in parts are out of date. but lets not start by taking the challenge out of the game.

    Thanks for your forthrightness. :thumbsup:

    Yes I agree. My original concern focused on "successful looting" and I've strayed further than that. Not that I'm hiding anything. I was trying to be as open as I could. However I will stop posting anymore maps and what could be seen as "give aways". Point taken. :salutes

    I'm only use one Justice Mkl. Is there something smaller? If so where do I get it? I'm not using Railgun.

    Haven't tried looting the container yet.

    What about my question: The number of secret containers and where? xxxxxx yes. xxxxx yes, xxxxx any others?


    Why do I need a shield?

    I explore (play) in God mode and my game is tweaked so I don't have any enemies. I'm normally unarmed. Except now for looting.

    I'm about to pass through xxxxxx right now. I'll stop and check to see what I can salvage from both …… standby …… ;)

    Here's what found for xxxxxx:

    Upon arrival:


    Immediate after a single shot:


    Something getting blow away here. :/

    Immediately after the final shot:


    Note the gold in the left-hand monitor.

    Tractoring after final shot and fighter exploding:


    I was expecting to tractor (Lexicon wreck reference):

    2 x xxxxxx Duster Mkll's,

    1 Angelito Turret,

    20 units of Gold.

    What did I tractor?

    120 units of Gold full stop! :(

    And I did it 3 times to check and got the same each time. 2 x :(

    I think the weapons get blown away in the first single shot …...

    the secret storage containers are not listed because you were meant to search for them and find them.

    the sectors are

    xxxxx - near where you find xxxxx - somewhere bottom of sector/ xxxxxx - also bottom of sector. :) :)

    That's xxxxxx in total? The xxxxx. one I've found. See #18 above.


    [Map Deleted] .... yes I know abt that one ......

    And you're suggesting one more? If there is …… bet I've found it …….. ;):P

    That's really good information Ringo. Thanks for that. I think the water loot (remember that?) was just a once only and as you suggested, not part of the normal loot.

    xxxxx where I check the loot. Although I'm not recording the loot anymore. The list for almost every wreck is at lexicon, so why record it again. What I am recording is the name of each wreck and its location. Here's a good example:

    [Map deleted]

    The xxxxxxx is not listed at lexicon but xxxxxx. and xxxxxx are.

    I'm about to pass through xxxxxxx right now. I'll stop and check to see what I can salvage from both …… standby …… ;)

    I've decide to change direction regarding the recording of loot for each wreck. Why? Its already recorded at lexicon. See xxxxxx What I am going to do is record the name of the wreck on the special, personal, system maps I produce. That's not to say there are not other ways to get each wreck's name without flying to each wreck. Its just another way. Of course, knowing the wreck's name allows you use lexicon to ascertain its payload.

    Thank you boys for all the help. Its been fun. For me anyway. ……. ;)

    Well I've tried a single Justice Mk1 on a wreck (the Aggressor) here in xxxxxx Reading lexicon it has Gunslinger Mk1 x 4, Gunslinger Turret Mk1 x 1 and C'measure Flares x 20.

    With the first single shot fired it appear to destroyed its external weaponry (Gunslinger Mk1 x 4, Gunslinger Turret Mk1 x 1) and nothing is tractored. A few 1000 shots later the fight blows up and you tractor all the Flares.

    But I'm at a loss to know how to damage the fighter such that I can tractor all the loot that it is supposedly carrying. :(

    Please check my edited post #6.

    Thanks Ringo. I'm really enjoying this! Boring everybody else s**tless I suppose however …….

    I'm hopeless on weapons. Never use them flying in God mode and friends with everybody. Just don't need them, except to blow a hole in the side of a wreck for looting.

    I have a list of default weapons. Would a Golden Blade MkII do? It seems to take 3 of these to destroy the wreck xxxxx from150m. Save hunting for that Justice MkI.

    Also my tractor beams are pink …….. what does that mean?


    Had a look round for the water source, but nothing obvious .....

    Well made the following setup in the Nedjef System:

    Fired one shot (Railgun) from 150m (at the Kirov)and looted the following:

    30 Wasps

    4 Javs

    20 Drone

    20 Flares

    10 N'pods

    10 S. Bat's

    144 Water

    Repeated the identical setup and got the same loot EXCEPT no Water

    Tried other distances (200, 300, 250 and 400) getting the same results I had previously BUT again no Water.

    However it does show the loot type is non changing and relates to a particular wreck. But to recover the full complement of available loots is not guaranteed. Some maybe destroyed during the "attack" phase. My aim was to document the loot in each wreck, for my own interests and maybe post the same at WIKI. However to accurately determine the payload for each wreck might be harder than I originally thought. :(


    " xxxxx document the loot in each wreck,xxxxxx and maybe post the same at WIKI"

    Hmmmm ..…. would go nicely as Lexicon entries. Nothing there at the moment about any wreck. :suchend:Well small wrecks at least …


    Found some …….. looking in the wrong place. :blush2:<X

    Not all of them though. xxxxxx not there.

    Gees!!! Some with images and!!! loot is listed!!!!! Nice one. :thumbsup::salutes Will explore further ……. :winki:

    Thanks guys. Very interesting. I haven't been thorough enough with my observations but I think the type of loot remains the same and its as Ringo suggest its the quantity that changes. I will be more consistent with my next set of tests (ie. maintain a regular, repeat set of identical conditions).

    Hello wombat,

    could you please share the autosave file (Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer\Autosave.fl) here?

    If I am right to think that each wreck always has the same loot, then you have just discovered a special Miraculous Wreck which breaks the law of nature! :woot:

    Here's the nearest thing to it. Its not "the" specific one, but the leadup conditions are identical. Thanks.

    Just for interest: Sometimes in my enthusiasm I was able to totally destroy the wreck. Other times, it remained in tact irrespective what I peppered it with.

    I am attempting to record the loot associated with each wreck. However, I've been repeatedly looting the same wreck in the Nedjef. I do this by firing on it and tractoring the loot. I then repeat the same steps by reverting back with Autosave to the same circumstances and loot the same wreck again. To my surprise each time I do it I get different loot.! ^^ Sometimes the pickings are good, other times not so good. Why isn't the loot the same (as in reality it would be) for each visit? Thanks.