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    I appreciate that, but none-the-less there are 159 actual systems plus 4 nomad lair complexes. I did not include the complexes in my count of 159. I believe that there are 6 new LF systems, 153 existing systems and 4 Nomad complexes, making the magic 163. Still like I said, OP will no doubt show us the light.

    Just fascinating! To me that is. I've toured every square kilometre of every known SP, non-LF System (again, to me that is) re-mapping the same for MF and WIKI; and I also eagerly await a response from OP.

    At my last count there are 169 Systems to visit excluding the new LF Systems. You will find them all listed here: Sectors & Systems - SWAT Portal and grouped in their various Sectors. If you double-click any System it will open up to each System's "Information" and access to the System's "Map". In some cases the "Information" includes a System Description. I, like you, am a neutral pilot. Even the Nomads are neutral towards me. If, like me, you enjoy exploring then DON'T look at the maps. IMHO it just spoils it. Look at a map AFTER you have explored the System. You might find things that we have missed. ;)

    Well …… I've served my apprenticeship for EverSpace 2 by playing EverSpace. IMHO EverSpace is not in the same league as CF2.0 and I'm glad to be back. Of course I have a biased viewpoint: CF2.0 offers me the opportunity to be neutral to all races and faction where in Everspace I am force to take sides and defend myself and attack NPC's accordingly. The freedom I experience with CF2.0 is just not obtainable with EverSpace. However completing the EverSpace Campaign might change that.

    EverSpace2 seems to address some of my disappointment seen with EverSpace, so I will reserve my judgement on EverSpace 2 until it is released.

    Well …….. on what I've seen here regarding Everspace 2, I've purchased "Everspace" from Steam, in my preparation for the release of Everspace 2.

    Couple of questions in regard to Everspace:

    1. Is there a dedicated (recommended) forum for the same?

    2. Is there a manual (recommended) for the same?


    Good luck with this. :thumbsup: The Toledo directive is my experience. I'll head back to the bar ……. thanks. :salutes

    Greetings WalterUlbricht ,

    Yes, for now is Lost Fleet story fisnihes when you reach french station and you may want look around what all new is now in the Sol Sector.

    Of course I now realise these new discoveries cannot be taken back to CF2.0. I was busy mapping them for inclusion at WIKI. But of course they are dedicated LF Systems only. In my saved position in CF2.0, LF won't be there. I suppose if somebody completed the LF Campaign and then continued on and completed the CF2.0 Campaign, they would be there. I won't be doing that. Found so many other things after I completed the CF2.0 Campaign previously and all that would be lost. However I'll persist here and complete the LF Campaign. :thumbsup:

    Your obviously further ahead in the campaign than me. I'm fighting waves of XXXX in L****n. But I can't explore because there's no option to set way points. So its interesting to here you can explore successfully, hopefully by setting way points.

    Hole jumped to Alace and got my way point selector back. :thumbup: I'll move back to Omicron Indi and then to Leyten to complete full exploration surveys.

    Well I'm seriously into this, NOMADS WITH SHIELDS EEEEEK - unless we have new shields and even better weapons then this is going to end badly - I can't remember if there was ever a cloaking device in single player mode, but I have a feeling it's gonna be needed :)

    Great job mod team - LOVE IT.

    Thaanks for the warning. :thumbsup:

    EDIT: What difficulty level are you using ? Easy, average or hard ?