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    Thanks Blake. :salutesVery poor connection here at the moment. Will read outside daylight hours and get back to you. :thumbsup:

    …… that's better.


    " …... So if Wombat wants to play a sandbox exploring and trading game …….. "

    Sorry...… what is a sandbox game ? :crying:


    " ……. without fighting anyone he could do it just fine in them. He's talked about doing that in FL and FL is exactly the same ….. "

    Just to be fair, I did play the campaigns in both FL and CF2.0 and really enjoyed them. But it was the opportunity (for me) to become totally neutral by completing the campaigns that appealed to me. If I have to complete a campaign or campaigns, then mod my game to achieve neutrality, I'm happy to do it, as I did with CF2.0. It appears in ED that maybe you don't have to complete the campaign(s) to achieve neutrality. I understand there will be factions and pirates, etc that I will not be able to befriend unless I tweak my game as I did with CF2.0. Remember I'm only interest in SF. If playing MP my task would be hopeless as it would be in the real world. I've been watching Drew Wagar's "ED Lore Tour Series" and loving it! He's not been shot at once …….. yet! :freunde:(Up to Episode 2). He gets "bumped" about a bit, which would really piss me off, but Drew just laughs it off !


    "With X3R ..……… With X3TC …….. "

    I'm running with X4-Foundations. I think because Steam told me I'd spent 177 hours (I think) training in the X4 environment. (I could take-off, launch, return and land for my efforts.) So I hope your X3 experiences accompany me in X4.


    " …..... With X3R I setup shop building stations and trading ships in the Argon systems (especially presidents end as its nice and empty thanks to the Khaak in X2 haha) and I was never attacked. ……...Not one of my ships or stations got attacked.. after the constant danger in X2 I was really shocked with how I was never in danger unless I did a mission or visited an enemy home system in X3 ……. "

    I like this. Hope I can repeat the same in X4.


    " ……. Here's some I've been told about and will add to my list but I haven't tried them yet …….. "

    Thanks for the list. I'm setting up my Tablet to try them all. I'm keeping my CF2.0 version on my Notebook. Don't want anything contaminating that.

    Thank for the lengthy post. Just what I needed to get my spirits up. :thumbsup:

    Thanks Blake. :salutesVery poor connection here at the moment. Will read outside daylight hours and get back to you. :thumbsup:

    Hey wombat, what about using an account manager, one on your pc to save account data, and the same on your tablet with just the saved manager files from your pc.

    Are there such things ? Bit like me writing everything down so I don't forget things ……. no ……. I'll forget whatever I do …….. better ……. so I remember things. ;)

    Its probably a bit late for FL and CF2.0, but certainly worth thinking about for my new career in ED. Thanks.

    Attached below is the Crossfire installation guide by NucNuc with very detailed instructions.

    I have to add only few important notes:

    1) before you begin, make …………………………………………………...

    Thanks Wanderer for all the help. I will attempt installation shortly. Just a bit busy at the moment making sure I'm avoiding Covid19 here in Bali. 80 year old's don't seem to handle catching it too well. <X:(

    Hello wombat.

    It is possible to transfer your saves and settings (just copy the Freelancer folder located in Documents/My Games), but not the game itself. You will need to install it on the tablet just like you did on the PC.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Wanderer.

    In regard to installing of CF.2.0 on the Tablet and my bad memory, I can remember nothing about installing CF.20 on my PC. Totally blank. So assume I need to follow a good set of instructions on how to do this. Maybe you could point me to where I can find such a good set of instruction. It was 8 years ago when I did it last, but it could have been last week and still I would have forgotten where to look and how to use. :( Sad but true.

    I also had some tweaking done on my 2012 installation to make me "friends with all, enemies with non". That would be lost with a re-installation. That's why I had hoped there might have been a way to copy what is on the Computer and pasting in to the Tablet. Is that not a possibility?

    Lastly, should copy and paste not be an option (and don't think it is), what happens when I run the transferred saves and settings on the re-installed CF2.0 ? Will they run with the tweaks as part of their routine, or alternative, will the tweaks just crash the game ?


    Well …………. its Elite Dangerous (ED).


    I have already have it, I've played it for 744 hours already; I can take off and land (although totally forgotten how to ……. and forgotten everything else …. :(); its got all I need and more; I have, or had a good friend to help me (sorry Martind, I might be bothering you again ;)); It has a huge Universe and thousands of Systems to visit; it was recommended to me by somebody who understands my playing needs and has plays it himself (or did) after being, and still is, a very valued member of the CF2.0


    Wish me luck. :salutes

    Got some serious thinking to do.

    Been checking out other FL Mods over at Blake's Sanctum. The only SP mod appears to be FL Shadow of Fear. Sorry, don't mean to be disloyal to OP and Crossfire …… nothing will beat CF. FL Discovery looks to be Multiplay only ……..

    Alternatively its to go back and work on Elite Dangerous …..

    or download X3-TC …….

    or expand my space knowledge through Space Engine which I have …….

    Decisions, decisions ……. :/

    Of course there's always ED …….. Elite Dangerous.

    In fact I have it …… thanks to Martind Forlon's advice (and I bet that's where he is now, lol) …… and its great …… but its not easy to learn. Yes I can land and take-off from space stations but it took so bloody long for me to learn how! Not like good old FL and CF2.0: half an hour you'd learnt everything: take-off landing, combat, communicating, purchasing, trading ……. everything! Well ……. maybe not everything, but it was/is so bloody easy!

    ED is really super, but its a challenge to learn, particularly for an 80 year old bastard like me! Time is running out …….. :sleeping: ;)^^

    Thanks Blake

    Great just what I needed.

    As background, I am total neutral when it comes to CF2.0. This comes after completing all the campaigns and
    wishing to just become an SP “friend's with everybody, enemy to non” explorer and record my findings. This was achieved, with the help others, by tweeking
    my CF2.0 game. This all done without the use of God mode.

    Subsequently, I've visited every System, and with the help of Martind Forlon, mapped every System. Martind was
    writing the fantastic System descriptor. All have been uploaded to WIKI for others to see and read.

    But upon completion, I needed to move on. But my preferred mode of play hasn't changed: no combat ....... just explore.

    The bigger the Universe the better. I've noted X3TC as a distinct possibility despite Op's reservations.

    Thanks OP

    I've actually downloaded “Endless Space” as something the might meet my needs, but its very different
    from CF2.0 and I seem to spend a lot of time out of the pilot seat. Its all planning and strategy and as yet not much exploring. lol.

    If you were new to the X series where would you start?

    Sorry …… the beginning of course :blush2: .….… but where is the best beginning to cover it all?

    [I'm am a very patient player, don't mind the hard slog to cover all the detail.]

    Primary category of interest: exploration, and recording my findings through System and a Universal mapping.

    [In fact combat is of no interest to me at all and hopefully to be avoided.]

    Thank you.