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  • Greetings all;

    I've been playing Crossfire 2.0. It's my first time playing Freelancer with a mod and I must admit I'm enjoying it. Well, that was until I raced Hovis. I've lost 4 times so far. I'm using a freighter and finding the cruise too fast to make the corners and the afterburner too short burning to remain competitive with Hovis. I read a thread suggesting that racing with a freighter was easy but for the life of me, I don't see how that can be.

    A previous thread on the subject referred to "sliding" a ship and using the afterburner to provide thrust but "sliding" wasn't explained. Can anyone explain to me how to slide? Or is there a work around for guys using freighters?

    I suppose if I must, I can sell my freighter and buy something lighter but I've grown rather attached to it since almost all the NPC factions want to kill me.

    Please share your thoughts,

  • Change your ship to ex. B-907A Crusader will make the race more easy, as a Freighter is real hard to race in.

    To win this race you will need cruise speed in all the race. You will need some practice due to the increased speed.
    Afterburner and sliding is highly recommended in fighting. Check out the Combat videos at

    Good luck, pilot!

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  • Check settings, you have there keys for strafe to 4! directions (up, down, left, right). Use these + cruise is a key.

    I'm unsure if you will have time for this (in race), but if you while cruise press 'reverse' (don't remember correct name) key, your ship asap 'pause!' cruise and once is key released it starts cruise engines immediately. I think you have 1 occasion for repair course using this.

  • A few yeahs age, i tried it with the Bullpup MK III, i can't count how meny time i raced him.
    i was getting better, i nearly won a few times, but the last bit was just impossible.
    so i changed my ship, i got a fighter, and i won first go.
    so it all comes down to the ship.

  • winning the race with a freighter was easliy possible in Vanilla Freelancer, but in Crossfire the cruise speed was increased by 50% iirc. so if u win the race in freighter u must be really good, but i doubt that it is possible at all, because of inertia and the missing agility of the ship. nevertheless u can upload the savegame here and some of us migh try to win the race. oh, as Eventmanager i give 13,7 mill credits to everyone, who wins it :thumbup:

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  • oh, as Eventmanager i give 13,7 mill credits to everyone, who wins it

    Hehe do you really?? =O
    btw in Single or MP??

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  • I'm new to Crossfire, love it so far BUT that damn race with Hovis is extremely frustrating.

    I have my perfect ship, I am not going to sell it, it took forever to get. it is a very heavy fighter maxxed out.

    The race is a USELESS part of the story it adds absolutely NOTHING at all and adds massive annoyance and frustration.

    This is a game and yes it should be challenging but get real, FIRST it has to be entertaining.

    I have been at this for 6 f-----in hours, the ship doesn't even point right in crossfire due to the modded speed.

    I don't want to hear a word from obsessives about how easy it is.

    I am old and have a cheap Lenovo ThinkPad and a regular mouse. All the graphics are turned off.

    If there is not a way around this damn foolish nonsense than I am going to just delete the game and never come back to or move on with any Lancer Reactor or Starport or Swat portal crap either. IN OTHER WORDS NO DONATIONS

  • Lonz  

    Please calm down, beating Hovis actually is very easy when you know what you are doing (and this can be applied for more "combat" and/or "race" parts in CF campaign). Look here: Combat Video Guides - SWAT Portal and the second video in this wiki section is exactly what you may find useful.

    And one thread is enough for one issue :)

  • Well Lonz , Hovis race is same as in vanilla... a little more cruise speed will be a nice thing later on. Also, if YOU picked a ship that isn't very agile, then there are buttons for strafing (lateral movement) as well as taking inertia in account and turning speed at cruise speed, if you just aim to next circle, ship will make a curved path to there which cant be too tight and can go on the outside of the ring, yeh. If you actually aim more into the center of the racing circuit(or whichever side you have to turn to), that curved path may go through the ring you want in the end, helping it with strafing.

    I suppose you did well to be able to buy a VHF before even finishing vanilla side of the story, CF story starts after you finish the normal one, as a continuation. There are better and worse VHF though, some can be nearly twice more agile than vanilla VHFs.

    PS: But yeah, for a good example, check the link above for how to beat Hovis even in a slow freighter ;)

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  • No ad here pls :P

    Try the Cavalier Dagger or Crusader they are okay :)

    and if the speed is too high play in Vanilla and use Vaniila Save Game to continue

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  • hey hey, no worries, please upload your latest savegame before the race and one of us will win this for you :)

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