Buying a gamer pc - need suggestions

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  • Yo.

    I have decided to buy a gamer pc.

    this is the current planned hardware setup:

    -ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer
    - Intel Core i7 4790K
    - 32GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz RAM (4x8GB)
    - ASUS Blu Ray Combo
    - Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
    - nVidia GTX 980 Ti
    - Seasonic PSU 750 Watt X-Serie

    if there are any "experts" out there feel free to give me suggestions which parts should change

  • looks nice, only dunno why so much memory ... are you using some special apps which can address so much? (Myself want new "gaming" laptop but its another story).

  • Hello,
    you are wrong about solid-state drives. Their memory indeed does have a limited resource, but various optimizations introduced with newer controller chips and firmware allow a very efficient usage of it; even if you write terabytes of data every day you won't notice any degradation for many years. Besides, if you ever have it completely used up, you can still read all data and copy it to a new storage. What is far more important, an SSD makes the whole system a lot faster and more "responsive".

    Other ideas:
    1) the CPU is overpowered I think, one would buy that model for scientific calculations maybe, but not for games - they never need 8 threads and rarely use 4, so a 2/4-core processor with a higher clock speed would be enough;
    2) Radeon R9 Fury X is as fast as GTX 980 Ti but cheaper at the moment ($750 vs $872).

    - Wanderer -

  • Well, when it comes to gaming, overkill is never a bad thing (if you have the cash for it at least.) As time goes by, more games will be created that require greater and greater processing power, RAM, gpu, etc. It's good to be a little ahead of the game.

    All the other advice I have for you is: Whatever you do, for heavens sake, if a gpu says it has anything to do with Intel, run like hell away from it! I've had nothing but shit performance from anything intel as far as graphics goes.

    Good luck.

    And if you ever have any spare parts you want to get rid of... gpu to be specific... even if it is years old trash... talk to me... because ANYTHING is better than intel. @_@

  • Wanderer, i will reconsider adding an SSD then.

    As for Mug3n, yes, it is never a bad idea to have a PC that has more than enough power for games, as time flies by the games become more demanding and a high end PC will never hurt :D (If you have the cash ofc)

    Currently, i have no free hardware to give because my current pc will be a gift to selo602

    thansk for the ideas guys, looks like i should look for a nice SSD then, if you know a good one that is reliable feel free to suggest me a brand/model

  • Hi VULK :)

    ... about SSDs : to have some kind of longer lasting future; nothing below 233 GB (Samsung Evo SSD 850), better around 512 GB. The Samsungs have one of the best reputations also regarding 'duarbility' and are still realtivly decently priced. (... and they RLY speed up your whole system ;) ) But also the Crucial BX series are worth a look.
    However, even low priced stuff like SanDisk SSDs you will get a problem to 'degrade' them with a gaming PC over its lifetime (my PCs have a half-time of about 5-6 years, when finally set-up). But keeping a (cheap) disk HDD as a 'data dump' I would still recommend (the place where I put all the game downloads prior to installing to the SSD ^^ )

    About 'overpowered' CPUs .... that's - IMO - one of the best places to spare some money. Almost ever CPU can be overclocked without much risk to get a performance of at least the 'next' stepped model - with a bit more overclocking with some decent cooling even A LOT more :D . And the 4 cernel chips of intel with a "K" at the end are almost an invitation for this ;) .
    The generation changes for GPUs are much more ... an issue. The performance of the CPU is and IMO will stay at least for tzhe next years better 'adjustable' than the performance of the GPU (mostly only possible by buying the new stuff :/ ).

    just my 2cents :)


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  • Yeah, the SSD part is the opposite of what you've said.

    HDDs don't have a long life, mechanic parts start failing fast enough. SSDs have no mechanic part to start failing. My cheap 256Gb SSD works flawlessly for years now and it's supposed to last more than other parts of the PC lol
    Also, it actually is faster at moving, copying, visual machines saving/writing up the stuff they "process".

    And about the graphic card, I would stick with the GTX despite the cost, just in my opinion, I feel safer with a GTX that never heats up like those Radeons, even on short gameplay periods, radeons can reach temperatures close to the limit fast, at least by when I searched for proper details about cards when I bought mine. I'm not sure about GTX 980 itself n that other radeon. The "Ti" part sure comes handy too though.

    About the rest, all seems top notch so, looks ok.

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  • yes a ssd makes a big difference... even if you use a relative slow one
    but you should use it only for the system drive and probably should also think about storing often used file somewhere else as ssd have limited write possibilities.

    oh and never use ssd as a backup drive
    ssd lose data when not used regulary



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