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  • Do you stiill play CF at the current? It's either your active on the forums and not the game, or just really a ninja :D

    • I havnt really had much time to play cf, my work has me really busy and I'm also trying to work jiu jitsu classes into my schedual and plus trying to start college but its being a pain because I live in america where any college costs a fortune without financial aid which is really hard to get because I'm white and not an orphan. But I log in every once in a blue moon usually very late.

    • Busy with your new life :)

    • what life lol

    • ;(

  • It says, you were learning a couple more languages, I am especially fluent in Japanese

    • まじ か ? いいね!僕の日本語はちょっと錆ついちゃってるからね。':>

    • あまりにも錆びない ;)

    • Oh and: Hajimemashite (Hope I spell this right ^^ )

    • よろしくね。ありがとよ。^_^

    • I also can speak some french :))

  • Welcome ^^

    • Thank you :)

    • Old Blood Guard member ?

    • No. I never had a clan when I played. I did cooperate with some folks though every now and then. I was thinking about trying to get into a clan, but then my computer died.

  • Hi MuG3N, we welcome you as our 22859. user and wish you a lot of fun in our community. Your SWAT team, Jun 26th 2015.