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  • a shame that a few bad apples can destroy everything



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  • This needs to be put in perspective tbh. A little history lesson about yesterday. Firstly, let's not forget Poland has a recent history of being occupied. Germany did it from 1939-45, after that the Russians up until 1989. Now it just happens that Russia Day is celebrated on June 12th. This is their national holiday. This was also the date of the football game against Poland. Now some idiot decided it was ok for the Russians to march through Warsaw celebrating Russia Day. A recipe for disaster and one the Polish Nationalists dealt with the only way they can, by attacking any Russian they could find. This was nothing to do with football i can assure you.

    I can see the Polish point of view, i really can as i think it was the dumbest thing possible to allow the Russia Day celebrations in the heart of Warsaw. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs shooting tbh. So before we all go off and say what nasty football hooligans the Polish are, they were provoked beyond reason yesterday. I'm not saying it was right, but i can understand how it developed. The fact that some of these guys are possibly football fans as well doesn't help.

    Either way the authorities brought this upon themselves, dreadful decision to allow the march in the first place.

    Back to more important things. Congratulations to Germany, looks like they are through to the quarter-finals, Holland need to win their last game and they could still qualify bizarrely. Was doing the math earlier. Great game earlier as well with Portugal v Denmark, probably the best game so far.

  • Wowowowow!

    What is it with Shevchenko? I remember when he was the best striker, and I also remember when he was an overpayed player who didn't do much (The Torres syndrome)

    Also congrats to GERMANY!!!

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  • The Shev was good have to say, two great headers from a 35 yr old we all thought was past it. Was a cracking game overall as well. How the hell Sweden didn't equalise is still a mystery.

    Further to my comment about Holland qualifying even though they have lost their first two games. As i mentioned it's still possible. A quick delve into the UEFA 2012 rulebook actually explains what could happen.

    In summary, teams level on points are separated first by head-to-head records. If Germany beat Denmark and Holland beat Portugal, then three teams will finish Group B on three points. Those three teams - Holland, Denmark and Portugal - would all have taken three points against each other and so it would be decided on the best goal difference in head-to-head matches. In that case, Holland would go through with a two-goal win, assuming they win 2-0 of course. Confused? As am i, because i can't see it happening. Holland have been the masters of their own downfall in this competition and serves them right for playing like individuals and not as a team. Robben's attitude after being substituted last night was that of a child. Disgraceful!!

  • Europeans should learn that with closer the country is to Russia, the more fvcked up and violent it is. Corruption is so high but so used to it that don't even appear at the news, where in Spain they call over for a declaration a primeminister (or so) for spending 28k € in some trips in some years. Which is smaller than his pay.

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  • Having spent time in Russia on 'business' (touring with bands), i can't argue with that statement. Many of the shows were organised by non-state run individuals who had enough security to start their own war. These are guys you simply don't mess with. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time because we were entertaining them and making them money at the same time, so a good time was had by all. I wouldn't want to be on their bad side i'll tell you that much. Their lifestyles and the lifestyles of a normal Russian person are as far apart as you could possibly imagine. Corruption is simply a way of life in those places.

  • Quote

    Corruption is simply a way of life in those places.


    As the government is the center of corruption ( in some countries at least) people have no option. And when part of the population is corrupt, it's already kinda late for revolution. The only help would be an external take over.

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  • Well no surprise in the first game tonight with the draw between Italy v Croatia. Good tactical game played by both teams, a draw the fair result methinks.

    Just sat through the Spain v Ireland game. Felt sorry for the Irish in the end, but with no real inventive player in the Irish ranks, it was only a matter of time before somebody gave them a good slap, and Spain were there tonight to do it. Spain played very well against a very average Irish side which made Spain look very good tbh. Can see them getting to the final on that display.

  • Yeah, even Croatia beaten Irland up, and well Croatia is Spain's next opponent, so the irish had to be easy.

    But I still liked the timing, a goal in minute 4 of first part, then another one exactly at minute 4 of second part, that coincidence was epic xD

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  • YES YES YES YES YES Finally we beat Sweden in the game of the day. A quick mention about France winning, boring game to watch with a result everyone knew was going to happen. Back to the important game of the evening, WELL DONE ENGLAND!. Finally some passion, oh the mistakes, what a finish. About sums up that game. Very entertaining to watch and really pleased both teams tried to win it, just thankful we did lol

  • Sweden had their chances, not just in last night's game but the first one as well against Ukraine, so they have only themselves to blame. Meanwhile we march on.

    On the menu for tonight we have CZECH v POLAND, that should be a good game, looking forward to that. Other one is GREECE V RUSSIA. Think that will be a slaughter but will just have to see. Only annoying thing now are the matches are on at the same time on the TV... GRRRRRRR