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    The only tool i know that shows you all the bodies and heads is FLCedit, version 0.81. Not a dfm reader as such, but does show all the different costumes etc. In the downloads section

    Turns out this works. You can have the factions scan for equipment as well. I have these player licences defined as shields as i mentioned before, and also in st_goods.ini as i have them defined there so you can purchase them so you can mount them on a unique hardpoint to display your licence. Who knew?

    As the title suggests, i'm trying to get the npc's to scan for something else, other than commodities.

    I want them to scan for a shield in particular. So in faction_prop.ini where all this takes place, can i add a line, something along these lines?

    scan_for_cargo = commodity_alien_artifacts, 1

    and add a new line like this one,

    scan_for_cargo = shield02_mark06_lf, 1

    Bear in mind it's been years since i did any modding, but i'm releasing a new version of my Genesis mod with loads of fixes and wanted to add something to be scanned that i left in the multiplayer version. I created some faction licences as shields so you could mount them on you ship and want the various factions to scan for them in the OSP version.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I did base it on the series up to the end of series 3 as series 4 hadn't come out at the time. Not much i could have incorporated from season 4 anyway

    Accidentally deleted the original package. Doh. Uploaded a new version of the ship pack with a revised README, and updated links which were well out of date. The models i've left untouched, apart from forgot to mention there is a Coriolis Space station included as well, all with a working custom sur file

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    My mod was taken down by ModDB due to copyright infringement from the owners of Battlestar Galactica. There are now no mods on ModDB featuring any subject matter from Battlestar Galactica whatsoever. Thankfully there are other ways to get hold of my mod, most notably through my forum, for those interested

    Here's a copy of the one i received from 'Katrina', minus the web address

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    If only lol

    Turns out i was right, GLS was down which is why i was having all the issues. Crazy has sorted it out and it's now back to normal. Thought i was losing my mind there for a second...