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    In the Crossfire 2.0 mod the epic adventures of Edison Trent have continued. Get ready for a brand new experience in a breathtaking and extraordinary environment. This mod is the unofficial sequel to Freelancer, with the most stunning graphics and worlds you have ever seen. Jump into an universe atmosphere full of surprises, challenges, and incredible adventures. Experience the awesome game play of the highest quality and the unique features of Crossfire. With several tens of thousands downloads of the 2.0 version alone, and it's very large fan community, Crossfire has developed into one of the most favorite Singleplayer (SP) and Multiplayer (MP) mods for Freelancer.

    Crossfire is the largest modding project and by far the most complex mod for the Microsoft Game "Freelancer". This mod was designed to show the possibilities and features that Freelancer still has to offer. Crossfire introduces advanced graphics and sound settings which will make the look and feel of the game itself much more interesting. Additionally you will be able to explore 150+ systems with more than 300 dock-able stations and planets. In the latest released version are implemented many new functions, like a fully functional galactic nav-map working separately for all four Crossfire universe sectors. In singleplayer there is available an expanded original campaign, finished off with an epic ending. For players there are waiting many new missions which offer many hours of fun. Multiplayer offers the opportunity to build many of your own characters, and together with friends, successfully hunt the hardest and almost "unbeatable" NPCs from SP, or engage in server role-play and interact with other players.

    For the Crossfire 2.0 mod there were a variety of changes created, especially for MP, which made play more challenging and also more comfortable. Changes were made on almost everything compared to the previous version(s). If you explored previous mod version(s) space, then you can prepare for many new exploration trips. Added to the mod were many new larger and smaller details, new star spheres, dynamic suns, new jump holes, hidden_systems, new 3D sounds in asteroid fields, cloud layers on Earth type planets, new updated base details and much more. Changes were done also to the server role-play system, where pirates or police can use new /tax or /fine command which made these roles much more enjoyable ( ... and also compensated, considering time needed to catch targets). Clan leaders now have the ability to rename player characters names, or set info-messages for their clan's systems. Fully working are clan bases, which have modular design and offer to clans access to special ships and equipment. Base bar missions now offer high-end lvl missions with high rewards, but also way higher difficulty. Top level missions now directly call for player's cooperation ... especially missions in Altair sector. On the server each day there is available a special automatic event called Tour de Universe, are you experienced/skilled/prepared enough to pass a whole tour in a given time? These are just a few examples of many that are possible within this new mod version for its players.

    Autosaves: please avoid use of these during SP Campaign play completely! It was repeatedly confirmed that use of them can corrupt all further saves including mission-saves!!!!

    Download, Support and Feedback

    As fully release mod you have it available for download on two places. First is here on Swat-Portal (link) and second is on the ModDB website. If you need help or if you want to report a problem (you can also search there for already reported or solved issues) then please use our Ticket system. We will take care of the reported issue as soon as possible. You can leave your feedback on the official Crossfire Forums (here) or post your suggestions via Ticket system. Technical issues can be also solved here: Technical Problems


    The Crossfire 2.0 mod contains in SP 43 exciting main story missions that prolong the original game and will lead the player to an epic showdown. New big battles, cut-scenes and discoveries await you. Are you ready for it? Can you find and unlock the 44th bonus mission? ... reading this story can help.

    Crossfire 2.0 does not only show you the end of the updated vanilla storyline, it also allows the community to develop and add new side stories. New bonus missions and side stories will be added to Crossfire in the next months and years. Be part of it... be part of the development... be part of our community.


    Not long after the incident at the Dyson Sphere, a Rheinland explorer found a new Jumpgate to a hidden system in Omicron Alpha. When the ship entered this system, the crew was shocked. It was the main reason for the rising Nomad activities in the whole Sirius sector. Containing one planet, its moon and over 20 Jumpgates to Liberty, Borderworld and many unknown_ systems, it is a major threat for all houses. Rhineland, Liberty, Kusari and Bretonia decided to send their fleets to get this system under their control. But the Nomads were already waiting for them ...


    During a skirmish in Vorkuta in the Altair Sector between Coalition and Alliance forces, a new threat unveiled itself on everyone's scanners. Dom'Kavash, the long forgotten race of beings who were once thought to inhabit the Sirius Sector returned. The skirmish was immediately terminated as the humans were destroyed almost instantly by superior firepower and technology. Facing a larger threat than Humanity has ever known since itself, there is now a larger political battle being fought. The Houses of the Alliance and Coalition must now decide if they can stand together, regardless of past differences, to fight the Dom'Kavash threat ...


    Sol Asteroid Belt. A tree on Planet Lost_Paradise.
    Just Beautiful. Landing pad.
    SP Mission 1 - Trent. Secrets hidden in the Sol_sector.
    Dom'Kavash ship. Coalition Luxury Liner.
    Relaxing in space in Sigma_19. Rheinland Scout Wreck.
    Clan base (MP). Server event (MP).


    The mod is started via the mod launcher, which MUST be running throughout play. Closing the mod launcher will also close the game. When started, the launcher allows, through cascade menu in central part, to open information about the mod, or allow direct access to websites important for crossfire mod players & community (like for example, Crossfire Wiki). On left side is "hidden" button leading directly to the Donations page. On the right side at the bottom is displayed server status, below is available functions menu which consists of the launcher log, singleplayer and multiplayer start-button and Settings. In Settings the player can easily change graphic shaders used (from vanilla to Sweet FX), particle colours and also cursor (in-game) appearance. In addition to this there can be set a few general options like: enable/disable "Open SP" mode (affects only singleplayer where it can shut down or re-enable SP Campaign) , use "Window-mode" for CF play, in "Adjust to desktop resolution" is the ability for the player to change mod resolution via game main menu (when is option unchecked, you can change resolution, if checked then movies, cut-scenes or transitions are played in full resolution), and "Use low resolution" is used for "low quality" smoke effects which can significantly improve gameplay, if you do not have a powerful enough PC.

    Launcher updates: The launcher has three different update types. 1st is update for launcher itself and this one is launched IMMEDIATELY after launcher start when a new launcher version is available. This update is necessary for game (SP or MP) functioning. 2nd update form is for singleplayer, when first displayed it asks if player want to allow this update. It is recommended to let launcher update your game for singleplayer at least once. Further SP updates affects mainly in-game dynamic economy. 3rd update form is for multiplayer and this one is also launched automatically when players chose start multiplayer via pressing "Multi player start-button". Proper mod update for MP is absolutely necessary, because if player joins the server with "old" or "changed" files, he will be, in best case, only kicked out, in worse case banned (account in use).

    Warning: For multiplayer gaming it is needed to ensure, that none of the game files (included in the Freelancer game folder) are not blocked by security software installed on players' computers!

    Crossfire bonus mission

    Please look here for important details about update done to the mod in 2019! New side story content is prepared for players and new places are ready to be explored ...

    Important links

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  • give me bad ass battleship more rapid fire so you don't have to run from a vhf one ship to take out a BS make it more fun to use