Windows 10 Issues

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  • I just started playing Freelance again, and the Game itself worked fine. Beat the game and wanted to continue but with more story so I wanted to try Crossfire. But I want to play single player. Downloaded CF 2.0 and the FMM separately FMM is vs 1.31, started with Vanilla Freelancer, followed the instructions and cleaned the registry. Installed the game, Then FMM and finally Crossfire. FMM automatically loads Crossfire into freelancer (when you look in FMM it already has a green check mark.) but when I click on the CF icon to play and go into the game it is freelancer vanilla not cf. What could be causing this problem.

  • Well, you clearly should see a difference when starting the game however the new missions start after completing mission 13.

    If you dont see a difference at all it might be worth to check if flmm has installed the mod into the correct directory (just check the size of the directory)



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