Wir sind The HIVE, wir sind überall und machen was wir wollen. Unser einziges Ziel ist Profit. Die Mittel und Wege dorthin zu gelangen sind uns egal. Die jeningen, die den Hive unterstützen, die unterstützt auch der Hive. -The HIVE
    The oldest Pirate Clan at crossfire.. Mercenaro is still the Leader of this Clan . Homesystem Purian Lake... Clan Base Nassau Depot... If you find your Way between the Stars to us you are welcome ....
    Dark Phoenix mercenary guild was founded to provide organized support and assistance to other professionals in the galaxy. We are here to keep the balance between good and evil! Is there anything you need? If we don't have it, we will go get it!
    This is a short teaser for the Camelot clan, that does not exceed the 255 char limit. This description aims to provide clear information about the clan's purpose, goals, and why to join us now. We are a group of pilots specialized in [char limit reached]
    BloodGuard is the oldest Freelancer Clan. Our history reaches back to the times of Starlancer. The clan was founded by the best Starlancer veterans and has become a synonym for continious success and honour.