Inner Core Patrol Report

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  • Who got the Thanatos? (Or another question: Who the hell STOLE my ship? xD ) It would be nice to fly with that one ;)

    Also i hope you guys had great fun in both of those events, see you all tomorrow :)

  • “Mr. Almany? Mr. Almany!” Dennzio Horatius Almany woke up in his deck-chair. The suns of the New Mekka system were already near the horizon and a low wind took some cool and humid air from the sea. A service girl of his hotel stood beside him with a tele-pad in her hand and smiled at him. “Mr. Almany, there is an intercom call for you.”

    He smiled back “Thank you very much” and took the tele-pad. The message header told him, the signal comes from Inner Core sector, Venn. He opened his eyes wide and turned on the channel: "Dennzio here."

    "Hi Boss, i just want to let you know about our actual progress here. The Operation is ongoing but attached u can already find some intel files. Have a nice day." Danzel switched off the channel.

    "That i call a short message." Dennzio said and opened the files ... "seems, they have fun ..."

  • Sorry, there were too many photos (90+) to upload in one go. I've attached everything in 2 zip files



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  • Here are some pics from (IOC)Bladerunner:

  • More Pics :

    and after the event I got 6 Kelyrd-rays mounted... :D


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  • Deep Space 17

    Senior Lieutenant Ivan "Ajay" K walked in on shaky legs and came up to the stand.
    The bar was deserted, the station was still undermanned and nobody at that moment could take over the role of the bartrender. Station inhabitants did that when they could, sometimes even Ajay himself - so he had access to the drinks storage. He opened the fridge and pulled out a liter bottle of "Tarhun", then headed to one of the tables, sat down - or to be more correct, crashed - on a seat near it and poured some of the green-colored soda into a glass.
    -I need to go back on comms post... - he mumbled after downing it. - But flak, wasn't that fun...
    He returned to his post only a few hours later, after Commander Danzel found him in the bar, head on the table, fast asleep. After that he sent only a simple message to Coalition HQ with three files attached.
    "Primary and secondary objectives of Operation Countercharge completed. Ask 2nd Rate Captain Strakhov for full report. I'm too flakking tired. Ajay out."

    Thanks for everyone who participated!


    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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  • thanks to all for the nice event :)


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  • It was a great Event. Thanks to all who were there :) And a special thanks to Ajay for all the organising that was put into this event. The pre-event reports were great and well written, and contained all the info + more for the 3 events. A great effort from Ajay considering there were 3 events 1 after the other and all ran smoothly and everyone had fun :)

  • The noise of booting systems filled Deep Space 17 when the last upgrade - a bulk storage module - went online.

    Only the emergency team was in the command office, an influenca took many officers down. Tired, with sniffing nose and glassy eyes Schulze tryed to open a channel to Dennzio Horatius Almany. His voice was like the caw of a crow: "Sir, we made it. All upgrades are finished, Deep Space 17 is fully operational now." "This is good news, Schulze. I'll foward this to all other clans and houses. Thank you, Schulze. Btw. you look shitty and should go to bed. I'll send Danzel to keep an eye on the base and will follow as soon as possible. Dennzio out." Schulzes head crashed on the desk and he fall asleep.

  • Dennzios intercom screen showed the profile picture of Danzel, a green growing bar gave information about the comlink-establishing-progress. It was a slow process, very slow. “Sweetheart, can you get me the ash-tray over here please?” he called to Sarah, his first wife. “Move yourself to the ash-tray!” she screamed these double meaning words, apparently still angry about something out of his mind. ‘Girls ...’ he thought and sighed, and smiled and went to get the ash-tray. On the way he lightened up a Cardamine joint and took a deep breath. When he returned to his intercom interface the green bar was on 50%. “Oh damn it. Was the intercom influenced by the influenca that spreads all around Sirius.” He said quietly. Louder he said “Sweetheart, do you know something about the slow intercom?” “Maybe it was influenced by all your Cardamine smoking!” she screamed back. “That might be a good explanation ...” he laughed “at least that stuff prevents me from getting sick.”

  • Intel report from [GR]Dented_ship
    Damn this slow comms link thought Danzel as he sat in the cockpit of his Ragnarok Must be due to all this Dooms activity in here Danzel lit himself a tobacco cigarette and poured himself a whiskey while he waited.99% complete
    A fuzzy and broken picture of Dennzio appeared Static was bad as well and Danzel could hardly hear the Greeting from Dennzio I hope he can understand my message thought Danzel as he started to gather the info that needed to be passed on
    "Hi Dennzio" said an unsmiling Danzel. Dennzio was not used to seeing a greeting from Danzel like this, he normally had a smile and said "Hi Boss" "I have some important information to pass on to you that could affect the whole Human and Kavash Civilisation"
    Oh Great thought Dennzio, Not again."The Dooms have broken through to Weth.They have fleets of ships running riot in here and have caused a great deal of damage so far.The defence stations at the Ryssk gate are offline and heavily damaged.Myrtrrak battlestation is heavily damaged and near the point of collapse.Both jumpgates leading from Weth into Kavash space have been shutdown and locked to try to halt the Dooms from going further.Things are pretty bleak here at the moment"
    Dennzio listened and then realised something."Wait a minute, Your in Weth" ? He asked Danzel."Yeah, I arrived here 2 days ago to see what the situation really was like. Styx base has been informed and they are reluctant to send anyone else atm as they would be entering a very dangerous situation.The Kavash need help, Badly need help".Danzzio then replied "Well if its that bad, then what can we do ?"Supplies are needed urgently to help repair the defense stations and Myrtrrak, Said Danzel "I will send you a list of whats needed Also I will attach a few pictures so you can see what its like in here and what you will be up against.Can you Help ?" Dennizo took a big drag from his cardamine joint and thought for a minute.He quickly realized that if they didn't help Weth would be lost and that would be a big issue for all who enter the Inner Core sector as we need to pass through Weth to get back to Sirius again. Danzel waited for the reply"Yes" replied Dennzio "We will send what we can to help" "Great" said Danzel. "I will inform the Kavash, They will be grateful for this help.As soon as you embark send me a message and I will launch with the Ragnarok and a squadron of Kavash fighters and we will try to clear a way in to Myrtrrak for you all" Sounds good replied Dennzio Dennzios last message was "Good luck in there and hope to see you soon"

    Just after that reply the comms signal was lost


    Recently hostile forces have deployed an another attempt to break through Weth system. The Warrior ships managed to break through, and several managed to reach the Lightning Strike distance of Mirtrak Battle Station and teleported several commando squads inside the station. Only one squad survived teleportation and was hunted down and eliminated by both Dom'Kavash combat drones and two Black Guard volunteers currently deployed aboard Mirtrak. However in that time the Warrior squad sabotaged the warp drive jammers keeping the Great Doms from warping in bypassing the defense stations in Ryssk.
    As of now the Great Doms' fleets are warping in around Weth System. The Dom'Kavash are pulling back to Mirtrak Battle Station, and the cordon at the Ryssk Gate has been overrun. Dom'Kavash were forced to disable Whyr and Rhuntath gates to prevent the Great Doms from pushing ahead into Dom'Kavash heartland.
    At this point the Dom'Kavash forces stationed in Weth System are effectively encircled. Dom'Kavash are unable to break the Weth Crucible by themselves, but are unable to afford losing Mirtrak and all forces stationed on it. All supply convoys and reinforcements Dom'Kavash sent to relieve the Weth Crucible have been destroyed. Unless situation changes, Great Doms will overrun Weth in less than two weeks.
    The situation is worsened that currently any communication with Weth is lost. This report was sent from Deep Space 17, where it has been delivered personally.

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

  • „Welcome back Sir!“ said Schulze, when Dennzio Horatius Almani entered the command room of Deep Space 17.
    “Thank you Schulze, it is good to be back here. How is the situation?”
    “Sir, this base is nearly finished, all main modules and services are fully working and ...”
    “I know about the station’s progress, you reported! I wanted to know about this message i received just an hour ago and about the situation in these systems around.”
    “Oh. Nothing unusual here Sir. Dooms attack Humans. Humans kill Dooms. The suppressing field works fine, the base received no inconvenient visit. In fact Sir, it got even boring here.”
    “Great, i just had holidays with my wifes. Boredom is exactly what i need now. Unfortunately it looks catastrophic in Weth. Has Danzel contacted you?”
    “Yes, he has. And he sent some pictures from Weth.”
    Schulze opened the files.

    “Wait, is that an exploding Kavash mothership?” asked Dennzio.
    “Yes Sir, and this looks like the gunfire of W’ar-sy Propulsors.”

    “Oh well, here is the gunfire of a Kelyrd-Ray Projector. They attack a Kavash cruiser.”

    “Right Sir. What can we do?”
    “Danzel sent me a list of things the Kavash need for urgent repairs. We will establish a convoy and take all the needed stuff to Weth. Fortunately we have enough skilled train pilots here and Shtora-17 gives us extra advantages. By the way, where is our friend Ajay. I bet the last message was delivered by him personally.”
    “Yes he was here but left us after he finished some minor repairs on his flying brick. I mean his Basilisk. He said something about a new weapon the Dooms are preparing. He went for further investigations.”
    “That sounds not good. But there is nothing we can do at this moment. OK, Schulze, you find me in the bar ... or sleeping ... or both.” Dennzio left the room contemplative.

  • Meanwhile...

    "What is it now, comrade Captain 2nd Rank? I'm fresh out of Weth Crucible and haven't slept for days!" - Ajay asked as Strakhov, commander of K-719, contacted him.
    "I need you to relay something to our allies. We have recently trashed a Dom'Razak mothership heading to Weth. It was loaded with something we think was a new directed energy weapons. We secured a few samples and dismantled a couple. I'm sending you schematics right now.", the battleship commander said.
    Ajay took a look at the schematics and gave out a grim laugh.
    "It isn't a weapon of war, comrade... it's something even worse."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Look, there's a crystal, like in lazers, but its got a strange optical systems. This thing behind it is clearly a diffraction grid, why is it on the other side of optical window?", Ajay started explaining the schematics. "Finally. The electrical system is not an excitation system. It doesn't even touch the crystal. It looks like... a photomultiplier", Ajay finished. "It's a spectrometer."
    "PMT, seriously?", Strakhov asked. "Right, we had those things on my first command, Kurgan guardship. We used it for radiation detection."
    "I need to do some testing. I need these things and a Shtora-17 outfitted engine, and an engineering bay..."

    "Dennzio, this is Ajay. The situation just got worse."
    "You got through to Weth?"
    "Sadly not, but it's not about Weth itself. The Great Doms obtained devices that can read energy specter of our engines. They are calibrated to ignore standart engine readouts. I'm afraid that they are trying to record the emissions of Shtora-17 and use the recorded data to improve their missile guidance systems."
    "So they learned to ignore Shtora-17?"
    "Not yet, I hope. But we'll have to avoid using it until Shtora-17 gets patched to prevent this. They could also reverse engineer it with obtained data..."
    "Wonderful. The operation just got harder."
    "Was this ever supposed to be easy? *chuckle* We'll see. Now I'm off to run some simulations and comprehend how flakked we all are."

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

  • Wanderer told me, that the images in my last post were not visible. therefore i attached them now in that report (link).

    Ajay had a hard time to kill that DK mothership in Weth (in his flying brick, u know) for the preparation of this next IC mission and you should recognize this effort :)