DarkMatter's Logbook of Adventures Part 1

Darkmatter was born on on a lonely gas miner in the Dublin system, but after a few days was transported to the Huntsville Prison base as his mum was a high time criminal Smuggler and was caught in the emergency rooms of the GMG Base Glorious. His story takes place at the exact date of: 17th July, 780AS. He starts his story with a new ship he bought off of a local freelancer. He brought the Heavy Stinger, retail value of $5.000.000 credits but brought for a steal of $200.000 credits. It was a really eye catching ship with features of golden crimson, and metallic silver painted along the ship. Sure it didn't have the flashest guns, but it could make a small group of pirates run in fear. This is the story of a man who wants to clear his name of being the sun of the wicked Smuggler Queen. He wants his story to be all about justice. His story starts here..

13:27, 17th June, 780AS
Location: Launching pads, Beaumont Base, Texas system
Status: Alive, well.
DarkMatter: Well everything's set, can't wait for this new trade coming up.
An Alien Organism trade has popped up in the Texas system. It provides a lot of wealth for those who trade today in trains or large transports, but DarkMatter just wishes to make a few bucks to last him for a few months. He picked up the Trade Card. It showed from Beaumont Base to Planet California Minor. He remembered his wicked mother telling him of a jump hole which leads from Texas to California, and he remembered just exactly where it was.
DarkMatter launched from the Junker Base only to find a group of Rouges in wolfhounds, craving his cargo.
Rouge Pilot 6~Alpha: Well lookie what we have here boys, the Freelancer who trades in a small cargo fighter.
They all laugh and attempt to tax DarkMatter
DarkMatter: Hey guys, I ain't looking for no fight mates. I just came to trade.
Rouge Pilot 6~Alpha: We know, and we want some of your cash, don't we boys?
They all agree, DarkMatter attempts to escape but is stopped by the Rouge Leader cruise disrupting his engines, they all form a mob around DarkMatter.
Rouge Pilot 6~Alpha: Your in a lot of trouble boy. The time to muck around is gone now, now you're a dead guy.
The rouges all activate their weapons and begin to blow DarkMatter to smithereens before a group of Smuggler's appeared in trains with a few Mercenaries acting as hired guns. The mercenaries completely blow apart the Rouges.
Mercenary Pilot Denne: Looks we saved you just in time mate. You better hurry along, more will be showing up.
DarkMatter: Thanks, I owe one to you.
Mercenary Pilot Denne: No problem, now beat it before more show up.
Darkmatter heeds his warning and continues along his way towards California. After a reasonable few rounds, and a few Million Credits, DarkMatter decides to explore a while in the Independent Systems Magellan and Cortez. He decides to call it a night on Planet Curacao in the Cortez system.

00:00 18th July 780AS
Location: Curacao Planet
Status: Alive and well
DarkMatter awoke from his slumber. He decides to spend his credits on some new weapons. His Class four Vengeance's weren't enough to keep him safe. He approached the Equipment dealer and asked whether there were any good guns above Class six but Class eight max. The Dealer said he only had Flashpoints, very faint and weak. He declined, but the Bartender gave him some information. He said there was a secret place on the Planet Curacao where they only said premium equipment like guns, mines, Torpedoes and even a few ships. He thanked the Bartender and made haste towards the hideout.
He arrived not too late for opening, and saw many fascinating weapons and torpedoes and missiles, but what caught his eye was this hulk of a ship. The Bullpup MKII. A premium Military ship which was priced normally at around the Ten Mil mark, but was sold here for only a half a mil.
DarkMatter has been approached by a small yet stocky businessman
Businessman: Hey man, whats up? Found something you like?
DarkMatter: Yes actually, I'd like to take the Bullpup for the half a Million credits sale.
Businessman: Ah yes, the humble Military assault ship. Very fine indeed, here we are, the chip to the Ship, and where's the credits, yo ho here we go, thanks come again bye!"
That man was really chippy DarkMatter thought. But he didn't care, he brought a full on assault ship, which comes with the Class ten shield, which is worth $300.000 Credits. This ship was full on and ultra deadly here. Who in Sirius would bring a Bullpup here? well it didn't matter, he decided to also buy some weapons while we was at it. he brought a new prototype Flashpoint set. It had a better Damage output, but more energy drain. Didn't matter though as this ship was meant for hungry guns.
DarkMatter decided to explore the Custodian system which was recently introduced by Liberty Naval forces. So far, a base was established and a Planet was as well.
DarkMatter: Well here we go.
He set off towards the Custodian system which takes him around four days to travel.

22:10, 21st July 780AS
Location Custodian system.
Status: Alive and well
A group of Outcasts in Stilettos appear before DarkMatter. DarkMatter activates his Class eight Flashpoints and begins shooting at the Outcasts
Outcast Pilot Blue~17: Ah! My hull is buckling!
Outcast Pilot Blue~18: Oxygen systems are low!
Outcast Pilot Blue~19: Nooooooo!
After a bloody brutal fight with Outcasts, DarkMatter reigned Victorious!
Darkmatter travels along the Minefield to find an engine part of a Rheinland Cruiser.
DarkMatter investigates, and after a few minutes of examination, travels to Nuetro Station affiliated with Junkers.
DarkMatter lands upon the Base of Nuetro Station and is greeted by an old friend.
DarkMatter: Denne?
Denne: Ahoy there trader. How's it going?
DarkMatter: Brilliant sir, I now own a fully fledged Bullpup MKII with Experimental FlashPoints.
Denne: Nice, However I still trump you in weaponry mate.
Denne keeps on bragging about his skills, equipment, and job occupation as a Mercenary.
Before Long DarkMatter almost dies of non sleeping, and retreats to a room for the night. Denne has a room on the other side of the base. They both say their goodbyes and retire for the night.

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