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    ............... hello ?

    ..........what happened?

    ......... where am I ?

    The eyes slowly opening, barely realizing the location nor the actual time or day.

    It seems that I am not in my ship, nor am i even in any familiar place.

    ....... there is someone, I can ask.


    Oh .... my ...... god.

    I just learned what actually happened to me.


    I seem to have been engaging in a lot of battles, putting myself at risk for the greater good. Or was it more for the greater reward?


    Long story short.

    That ugly nurse just told me that I have been in a medical induced coma for more than 2 years.

    My personal belongings have been stored in some sort of chest tucked away for the rats to build their nests in.

    My ships have been transported all over the place and under my pillow I found a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. I assume that those scribbles are my own notes I wrote down before I was taken down and passed out.

    I can remember a few things.

    X-something, Hiruga

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    It was early in the morning. The sun did not even appear at the horizon and I decided to jump into the pilot seat of my vessel.
    Checking everything before launching into the dark space of X-3043 which was awaiting me. Everything ok. So.... go for it.

    The docking ring closed behind me and I was on my own. Surrounded by some ASF and some CSF fighters defeating each other.
    Not bothering with their business, I discovered some human pilots floating around and apparantly being bored.
    Then I received some hails from 3 fellow pilots being in the dark space of X-3043 as well.

    My original plans have been to pay Tarsus a visit again, since by this time I recognized 2 CFPD members along one IOC member being busy with one poor pilot.
    Probably trying to make him leaving Tarsus.

    Since I did not want to interrupt the fun of police with help of a mercenary ripping appart one poor pilot. I had a bit smalltalk to the other pilots who hailed me a second earlier.
    It turned out that those pilots are

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    Yesterday, on a nice saturday evening I decided to start the engines of my vessel again for a nice trip, after bringing my wife to bed.

    Jumping in the pilot seat and launching into space, flying around in New London and meeting several guys in several bars around this precious system.
    A few minutes later I recognized that I was not the only one from SMG flying around in space by this hour.
    After hailing my comrade and having a bit smalltalk about what happend so far, we did recognized something weird.
    A CFPD pilot was lurking around in the safe heaven for new pilots (other call it New York) being in a very low leveled (1) vessel and probably talking others into crazyness.
    Then this pilot changed his vessels and was spotted in his untouchable ship. Well, his decission but still very suspicious.
    After lurking around in the second ship he changed vessels again and popped up in a vessel which was located in the training space called Arena
    Still no way to get a hold of him, since he

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    As it happens that even pirates have to use their enormous flying bricks, in order to fill up their wallets in a nice way, I just jumped into the pilot seat of my very own polished and well maintained brick, called AD[I].
    I was just flying around peacefully, minding my own business and not even bothering with all the mean creatures flying around in the deep space of Sirius and Altair.

    Then I saw it. It almost flashed my precious eye balls with such a striking light as the message popped up. A cop has just entered the sector and was obviously only looking for some wallet-like-looking poor pilot flying around.
    He, the mean cop, flying under the CFPD tag was immediately jumping into his vessel and started stalking me.
    He finally caught me just undocking from planet Hamburg, realizing that I'm in a huge brick, not able to run anywhere.
    I had some weird letter popping up infront of me, saying "HALT"
    It turned out that this meanie was only after my cash. And showing his true face he

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    Today I was flying around peacefully, looking for some money doners of course, since I somehow have cure the illness of chronical bankrupcy my wallet has.
    Out of no where I got informed that I'm being watched. Wondering who did inform me it turned out that a police officer just gave me a friendly hint.
    Telling that he has his eyes on my butt watching my steps all over sirius, altair and inner core.

    Of course it's kinda nice that the officer gives me the information about his action being taken on me. And I very much appreciate it as well. But why the heck should I care of some donut-junky is spending time in watching a busy caretaker minding his business? I don't mean to sound rude or something like that but. Isn't the donut consumption and coffee inhalation the most important action those police officers care about?
    Either they plan something evil, which I would not really welcome and for sure not appreciate, or he was just trying to scare me a bit to make my day a bit more spicy.

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    Today's morning was quite nice. I received a message from my enslaved mechanic that the glaze has been redone and my vessel got full refilled with some really expensive fuel.
    Good work, I thought and prepared myself to have a nice flight within some pretty less frequented areas.
    So launched from a station in the Tau31 system just to enjoy the nice view and heading toward the Kyushu system passing Tau31 and Tau29.

    Suddenly I checked my radar and recognized some nice objects I would need to check out.
    It turned out that those objects were some freelancers trying to gain back control over their vessels.
    After checking the balance in my wallet I decided to help those freelancers not having to carry so much cash on their own and ask for a little donation.
    Nice as I am I kept it plain and simple "tax please"

    Unfortunately there were no incomming response from one of those freelancers, since he seemed to be busy fighting off some Dragons.
    Since I figured that no one seem to care about his

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    Dear diary.

    As I was flying around yesterday I recognized some strange things ongoing within a system called Vega.
    I know that system is owned by a clan called Guild of Pirates, which seem to be pretty nice guys as the most pilots I engaged so far.
    But it also seems that they have a pretty "hard" start in order to establish themself as clan.

    Some guys having a strange tag (G41) constantly entering the GoP's home system and attacking them on sight.
    I have no clue if it's supposed to be some sort of fun or just to show "We can"
    Anyway. Those GoP's do not play coward, they face them straight ahead and bump them off the sky, even they have to encounter losses on their own side.
    But then. They also call in for assistance from available mercenaries, which are mostly from the PX-clan.
    Sure, if I would be mercenary I would not mind getting a few additional bucks into my own wallet AND some practise in fighting as well.

    I might have to figure out a chance to get involved into those fights

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