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    Thank you all for the nice wishes. :)
    I enjoyed the day working and we'll have a family get together for my birthday, tonight I think.

    I really need to make more time to be in space. Otherwise you guys might start forgetting about me ;)

    I just got a question.
    What's the big deal about it?

    You can't deposit cash into your bank account until your char exceeds 65mil.
    Well. 65 mil credits is not that much to gather, once you actively participate in RP, events, missions ect pp.
    Yes, there is a slightly chance of risking to "lose" a bit of credits when you encounter other players with different intention than yours.

    On the other hand. Why would you want to establish another char/ship/vessel (you name it) when you barely can afford the maintaining of your first one?
    (this question does pop up in my head as soon as I read that 65 mil minimum balance on the char is too high, since some people have less credits on there, but desperately want to have another "new" char build instantly.)

    Do you always try to make the 2nd step before the 1st one?
    One step at the time, I got told at one point in time.

    That's just my 1.5 cents.

    How about when looking for a freighter and being kinda disappointed in the defense equipment which comes with it, looking for a mercenary to protect you while you are hauling around whatever is of high value for you?
    I mean, look at it. You can not get a high end freighter with the agility and weaponry of a fighter. From my understanding, the freighter is made to haul goods in larger quantities, while the fighter is made to fight, defend, protect, escort ect. pp.

    @Abrasdevil: I am wondering what Windows resolution you use ?
    Bcs to me, your desktop don't looks like 1920x1080x32 (Desktop resolution - Native)

    I'm using 1920x1080x32
    That's why I attached the screenshot from my nVidia control panel.

    This is what kinda confuses me completely.

    ps: I'm using a 24'' wide screen monitor.


    you dont need to alter anything in this file. The launcher has an option to force the desktop resolution, which is enabled by default. If you dont want that, then simply disable it :)

    Just one question.
    Why doesn't it work, the way it's apparently supposed to work. :( screenshots 1-4 showing.

    my native resolution is 1920x1080x32
    what I get with this option enabled (adjust to desktop resolution) is 800x600x32 and no option to change that.
    applying the widescreenfix doesn't help either.

    what's running wrong there?

    and when I disable this feature (adjusting to desktop screen) the max resolution I can get is 1280x960x32 X(

    wo zur hölle ist das altair hypergate

    kann es sein das du das Coalition Hypergate meinst?

    Und ja, Hoelle scheint richtig zu sein.
    Schau mal auf die Karte, nachdem du etwas umhergeflogen bist.

    vielleicht koennen dir ja die Coalition Rogues etwas mehr Anstand in den Hintern blasen, so das du deinen ersten Beitrag im Forum hier, vielleicht haettest etwas anders formulieren koennen.
    Und wenn es die Rogues nicht machen, dann mit Sicherheit die Objekte, denen du im Inner Core begegnen wirst.

    Happy dying :)
    Und immer schoen dran denken, Nicht aufgeben.

    It was fun :)

    Out of nowhere a Windows error message pops up every time I start the cf launcher.

    Entry point not found in Windows/System32/d3d11.dll

    The launcher still starts and does his thing. There game runs without problems.

    I tried to solve the problem with a fresh/clean installation of the game (since this message didn't come up earlier and no changes to my system have been made.
    No success.
    Even replacing the dll file did not help.

    I run Windows 8.1 64bit

    Any suggestions?

    And don't forget to compare
    projectile speed
    projectile range

    Nomad energy canon has a lower range and lower speed, but is pretty good for players who are gun-nuts and love to be close up to the enemy.
    On the flip side. The Nomad canons take out the shield pretty fast, but don't do that much damage to the ship hull as they do to the shield (in the same amount of shots/time)

    You are welcome to Hiruga!

    There is a part I don't quite understand.
    Hiruga is SMG's home system.

    And who are you again? Not an SMG member, as far as I can remember.

    To make it clear and simple again.

    NO ONE is allowed to enter and/or dock anywhere in Hiruga. Unless permission has been granted either online or via PM.

    Respect us and we will respect you. Thank you very much.