I'm surprised

Dear diary.

As I was flying around yesterday I recognized some strange things ongoing within a system called Vega.
I know that system is owned by a clan called Guild of Pirates, which seem to be pretty nice guys as the most pilots I engaged so far.
But it also seems that they have a pretty "hard" start in order to establish themself as clan.

Some guys having a strange tag (G41) constantly entering the GoP's home system and attacking them on sight.
I have no clue if it's supposed to be some sort of fun or just to show "We can"
Anyway. Those GoP's do not play coward, they face them straight ahead and bump them off the sky, even they have to encounter losses on their own side.
But then. They also call in for assistance from available mercenaries, which are mostly from the PX-clan.
Sure, if I would be mercenary I would not mind getting a few additional bucks into my own wallet AND some practise in fighting as well.

I might have to figure out a chance to get involved into those fights myself. Only to get some "free" practice. But I will see how it works out.

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