I'm being watched?!

Today I was flying around peacefully, looking for some money doners of course, since I somehow have cure the illness of chronical bankrupcy my wallet has.
Out of no where I got informed that I'm being watched. Wondering who did inform me it turned out that a police officer just gave me a friendly hint.
Telling that he has his eyes on my butt watching my steps all over sirius, altair and inner core.

Of course it's kinda nice that the officer gives me the information about his action being taken on me. And I very much appreciate it as well. But why the heck should I care of some donut-junky is spending time in watching a busy caretaker minding his business? I don't mean to sound rude or something like that but. Isn't the donut consumption and coffee inhalation the most important action those police officers care about?
Either they plan something evil, which I would not really welcome and for sure not appreciate, or he was just trying to scare me a bit to make my day a bit more spicy. OR he just wanted to give me some nightmares.

But, I do sleep well and rest fine all night long, no disturbing breaks of my beauty sleep nor any distruptions on my vessel repairing have been reported yet.
So I will just mind my business and see what the future will offer me.

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