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  • Helped someone on the Crossfire Server! Yay! I will remember his name " Sentinel " maybe one of my recruit on my small fleet!

  • I didn't know my membership here is already 2 years!

  • Just played CF2 Server, I met 2 guys doing trade routes, followed them, get info about trade routes, they are still new by the way then they logged off, then I met these guys, Ajay_[RUS] and revenge_1, I remember Ajay... Yeah, I know hes a good guy, then he gave me 10M something about free charge of my first lost account, then I met this guy revenge_1 gave me 100M man! I like that guy, I want to be like that helping new peeps and stuff... Now I got Luxury Liner, thanks to them! Now, I'm on my own for the Rheiland Battleship and I'm done, go off doing money stuff, helping people...