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  • Oh!!!! Bloody hell your my bloody age!!!! Fantastic!!! I'm 78. I think its private here, but if not no problems.

    One question: is you native language English?

    No offence to anybody, but it makes it some much easier for me.

    • walls are not private :) (unless changed in account settings) ... conversations are :)

    • Ha!!! Trust me. Anyway …… said nothing unfriendly I hope.

    • Yes my native language is English.

    • I'll reply here publicly. That's good. It makes understanding so much easier. And that's not reflecting my relationship with other people here where their native language is not English. Misunderstandings just happen. It can't be helped. I spend at least 6 months a year in Bali. Indonesia and it highly amusing how I can confuse the locals (with there limited English) over very simple requests. Its all laughed off fortunately, except when you are dealing with government officials (for instance the police). Then it can very dangerous and could get you locked up and have to buy your way out, if you understand what I mean.