64 Bits - Warframe Demake for SNES

It's 1995 and Warframe just came out on the SNES!

Sponsored by Digital Extremes! Check out Warframe here! https://wrfr.me/64-bits-demake

This is the tenth demake in the series, where we take modern games and imagine them on retro consoles. This time, we've made Warframe for the SNES! We took inspiration from MANY games this time. Like Power Rangers, Power Rangers The Movie, Axelay, Jurassic Park, Space Harrier, Super Turrican, Contra 3, Super Metroid and a few others! Even a little Shinobi 3 (that's Sega we know) We really poured all the love we have into this one and it should make you feel right at home if you grew up with a Super Nintendo!

In this exciting crossover between modern-day Warframe and the nostalgic SNES era, we pay homage to the games that defined our childhoods while showcasing the incredible gameplay and stunning visuals that make Warframe a powerhouse in the gaming industry. So grab your controller, pick your favorite Warframe, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled retro adventure like no other!

Just a heads up, this video is sponsored by the awesome folks at Digital Extremes. But here's the deal: we've been approached by tons of companies for sponsored videos, and we've always been picky about who we work with. Warframe is different. It's a game we've played ourselves and absolutely adore. So when the opportunity to collaborate with them came up, we jumped at the chance to turn it into a retro SNES adventure! This video is all about our genuine love for the Warframe universe and our excitement to share it with you. Big thanks to Warframe for making this retro remix a reality!

so thank you @Warframe for sponsoring the video! we had a blast making this and working together!

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0:00 Box Art
0:05 Mission Briefing
0:15 Vor's Prize
0:27 The Archwing
0:33 Fortuna (K-drive)
0:39 The Second Dream
0:45 The War Within
0:52 Chains of Harrow
1:00 The Sacrifice
1:07 Empyrean
1:14 New War
1:22 Duviri Paradox
1:28 Outro
1:35 Credits

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Directed, Animated & Designed by:
Niels Beekes
Niels ("Nelis") Koper

Additional Art + Animation:
Ryan van der gouw: liquoriceart.com
Ylfa: https://www.instagram.com/ylfa_draws/
Rick: ArtStation - Rick Spliethof

Astroidtbh: https://twitter.com/astroidtbh

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