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  • Still waiting to see Soul pirate soon as I do ill give him ya details pal

  • did u fix fps issues mate

    • think so. Not been on properly since

  • u have a post about joining a pirate clan i got you into one if still want AS clan

    • yea thanks pal. Waiting till I get home from work and login so I get my char name right. Thanks alot

    • no problem mate once i have your char names ill have to wait to see pirate soul as he the leader but he knows you want to join

    • char name is Ashen_Shugar

    • orite mate ill pass it on if u see a clan tag AS then you know you will have access to his clan base he will add it to his clan i should think mate

    • cheers pal. If you see me in game hit me up. Be cool to have someone to talk to instead of the A.I lol

  • Hi Sethanon, we welcome you as our 25152. user and wish you a lot of fun in our community. Your SWAT team, Jun 6th 2017.