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    Hello mate,


    You'll need UTF Editor to open this file. Each ID in the left list contains a .wav for a dialogue in the scene. Select any ID and hit "Play" button to identify it. To overwrite it with your wav sample, hit "Import" and select your wav sample. Hit play again to validate, and save the file.

    I confirm this happens with DX10/11/12 (Recommended) and V2 shaders.

    Doesn't happen when using Vanilla or Vanilla (Legacy) - however, in my case (recently updated to win11), using the Vanilla shaders requires to launch without "Adjust to desktop resolution" enabled, otherwise game gets stuck in a black screen after launch.

    TropX You can change the shaders by clicking the gear icon in the CF launcher, then select the desired shader from the "Shader options" drop down list:


    Note: Vanilla shaders don't offer the same level of visual enhancements as others.

    There's a plethora of fighter ships in Crossfire to choose from, and I'm sure that most of you have specific preferences on specific use cases: PvP, PvE, podding, frying potatoes, mixed usage, etc...

    Usually, the newer players are being recommended a short list of fighter ships as their worth has been proven during the years, thus making them popular options.

    My goal with this thread is to provide a transparent medium for all players to share their wisdom and experience on what ships they prefer and why, having the following considerations in mind:

    • The ship(s) must be a fighter - Light, Heavy, Very heavy, Bomber
    • The pros and cons should revolve around the major use-cases of a fighter ship: PvP, PvE/Podding, All Rounder (mixed use case)
      • The more pros & cons, the better

    That being said, I am kindly asking all the players who have a little time on their hands, to share their opinions with others here. Who knows, maybe there are hidden gems that the majority did not consider yet

    I'll start first, my selection is:

    1. MirageX
      • Pros:
        • 150 cargo hold - more than enough for podding
        • 6 guns - the usual loadout: 4x lvl 10 guns, 2x lvl 9 ; 1 x Torp & 1 x CD
        • 1x 360 degree turret - this provides a slight advantage in dogfights due to the extra damage output
        • Can equip weight reduction or armor upgrade kits
        • Decent maneuverability, on par with other popular options (eg: Chimera)
      • Cons:
        • Not the thinnest design, but harder to hit than a large amount of other VHFs
      • Use cases: PvE, Podding, PvP (I've won my 'Chief of mass destruction' trophy with this ship)
      • My conclusion: best all rounder
    2. Cayman
      • Pros:
        • The fastest VHF there is
        • It's agility leaves room for mounting an armor upgrade kit
        • Usual loadout: 4x lvl 10 guns, 2x lvl 9 ; 2x CD or 1x Torp & 1x CD or 2x Torp
      • Cons:
        • Small cargo hold which prevents mounting a Weight Reduction Kit Mk III should anyone opt for a slight boost in agility.
        • Bigger hit box
        • Lack of a turret
      • Use cases: PvP
      • My conclusion: my #1 choice for PvP
    3. Chimera:
      • Pros:
        • Very slim design with a serious damage output: 3x CD or 1x Torp & 2x CD or 2x Torp & 1x CD
        • Can equip weight reduction or armor upgrade kits
        • Decent maneuverability
        • 130 cargo hold - decent for podding
      • Cons:
        • Lack of a turret
      • Use cases: PvE, Podding, PvP
      • My conclusion: second all rounder due to lack of a turret
    4. Bullpup Mk III
      • For me this is a niche ship, because of it's dual thrusters and decent cargo hold. I use it mostly for racing and occasional low level podding

    Hi Adan,

    The problem can be caused by:

    1/ Different accounts used in XBOX app and Microsoft Store

    2/ Not being logged in either XBOX app and/or Microsoft Store

    3/ You have other (not official) or older Minecraft launchers already on your PC

    4/ A mix of above

    The popular belief is that Microsoft tries to get rid of or limit as much as possible the usage of non-official launchers to further prevent cheating.

    Your option(s) are:

    1/ Update Windows (if there are updates pending)

    2/ Delete all other Minecraft launchers

    3/ Restart PC

    4/ Login with same account to XBOX app and Microsoft store

    5/ Install latest official Minecraft launcher

    Lastly, if above wont fix, after uninstalling all other MC launchers, you can try the legacy MC installer from their page - see this

    Hi TropX,

    The only alternative is to have access to a clan base with both characters: with char 1# you dock with that base and sell the desired items, with char 2# you dock with the base and buy them back.

    Other than that, CF does not provide another item management system.

    The below is from late last year.

    I don't own the game because, like many others, I didn't like the way and pace they do their business.

    But if what is presented in this tech demo gets polished enough to also work on future medium gaming gears, then maybe in 7-8 I'll buy the game

    An ephemeral storage concept would be nice, am not sure how complicated or hard would be to implement, but no... we don't have this functionality.

    Some alternatives:
    - Ask another player to help: you give the stuff to this player, log with the other char, get the stuff back from the player

    - Join a clan and use the clan base as temporary storage

    Clan systems and clan bases

    Discussions initiated by OP in 19th Oct 2020.

    Apart from some suggestions there was no actual decision taken. In the absence of a conclusion, OP dealt with the problem in the fair approach.

    In my eyes, the unfair thing is not what OP did, but the current claims that what he did was based on a spontaneous decision.

    Clearly, 6 months were not enough for us to agree/disagree, vote for an option/propose alternative, or give a damn. Perhaps on the next major decision, OP should be just as spontaneous but with a 2-5 years upfront notice ?

    • Cap ship shields have a 95% absorption rate on all non-cap ship weapons. (this value might change depending on feedback)

    I don't think it's 95% absorption, mate - 0:12

    • Capital ship handling for dreadnaughts, battleships, cruisers/destroyers and gunboats has been recalculated with the goal to prevent that ships start spinning.

    Seems the cap ships are a little more stable now, but VHFs colliding with them are now the ones spinning like crazy - 0:34 and 1:31.

    I don't fly cap ships - never did and never will, because to me these things are like cows on steroids. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the fireworks resulted in one's explosion.

    I think that before changing the turrets range and/or increasing damage vs specific shield type, the following two problems need to be addressed:

    1. Blind spots
      • Repositioning turret HPs can attenuate this problem - the cap ship pilot wont be able to hit the target with all turrets, but is still better than not being able to hit at all.
    2. Cap ships (and eventually trains) handling parameters
      • 1 fighter can spin the crap out of a cap ship. Even though a cap ship pilot is immune to sea sick, when this happens he/she will surely practice the "fist to whatever exists on the desk" maneuver, thus keeping afloat the IT consumables market.

    As for reducing cap ship damage output vs fighters - I agree with Martind: fighters can pretty much toy with a cap ship right now. Fixing the blind spot and infinity spinning on cap ships while reducing the dmg output will not change this thing.

    Besides, we're forgetting that bombers exist. In my eyes, cap ship modifications must be done having in mind a 1v1 fight between a cap ship and a bomber - this is to make sure that 1v1s are still a thing. 1 VHF should not be able to take down a BS/Cruiser/Liner, should be able to take down a gunboat instead. 2 bombers should be able to take down a cap ship with medium effort.

    Unfortunately, I can't translate "medium effort" and all other metaphors into numbers. But I think that blind spot & spin fixes + turrets range extension (no damage reduction vs fighters) + MAYBE a cap ship shield capacity /regen rate increase would reach this goal.