UTF Editor 3.0

With this tool you are able to open the freelancer format files such as 3db, mat, txm, cmp and some more. You can edit nodes as well as extract or import new nodes, graphics etc pp.
Also very useful is the intergrated model viewer.

Here a changelog:

* accept parameters (command line, associations)
* accept dropped files
* update when switching files
* recognise FVF 2 (position only)

* fixed Fix/Rev/Pris nodes, added Sphere and Loose
* added sorted Hardpoints list; double-click to move to definition
* use actual size of data, not allocated size
* add string block padding
* write current local time for all timestamps
* added hierarchical/alphabetical listing of parts
* view VMeshData/VMeshRef/VWireData, with option to save
* loading from recent files will place it first
* added all UTF types to the open dialog, allow individual selection
* adding a new node will select it and bring up the rename dialog
* fixed the save toolbar button
* Save As will rename the file in the editor, add it to the recent list
* saving will clear the dirty flag
* use an asterisk to indicate a modified file
* place the file name first ("name - path")
* fixed dragging when it also selects a node
* select the newly dragged node
* fixed the clipboard operations
* drag can move and reposition nodes
* added hardpoint editor
* combined most buttons into general Edit & View buttons
* view textures
* node keyboard shortcuts
* color editor
* view nodes directly

* fixed resize (anchor controls)
* fixed scale slider after editing its number
* removed ambient lighting
* Right click zooms (up/down) or rolls (left/right)
* Left+Right to move
* "fixed" textures without Dt_name
* guess initial scale based on bounding box values
* choose which LOD to display
* highlight selected part/hardpoint
* mostly HardCMP-compatible keys
* swapped the wheel zoom (up decreases - push away, down increases - pull towards)
* better integration of VMeshData/VMeshRef (e.g. EQUIPMENT\MODELS\HARDWARE\ge_blueprinting.3db)
* display models using interface.generic.vms (basically everything in INTERFACE)

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