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  • Since I am a bit disappointed about the No Mans Sky release which does not really offer much to do in the game (at least atm -> maybe there will be updates) I decided to check if I can find something that can offer something similar.

    And oh joy.... there it is.

    An early access Sci-fi survival game.
    Unlike No Mans Sky which costs 59€ for... very little content, you can get Subnautica for currently 16€ (which in my eyes is ok for such a game).

    The story of the game is told very fast.
    You start the game in an escape pod where you see that your fancy big spaceship is about to explode. You get hit by something and wake up a bit later in your burning spacepod... just in time to grab the fire extinguisher to save whats left of your pod.
    The pod is damaged... and soon you realize that you are stranded on a water planet (which is pretty bad for a land living species).
    So the tasks now are to survive, repair the pod... find resources... and eventually build a underwater station where you can live (until somebody decides to rescue you).
    At a later point of time you will find out that there are islands (I have found one) and that you can build even underwater vehicles (speeders... and multiple versions of submarines).

    The game is still in development and seems to get frequent updates.
    Eventhough its a procedural generated world (partly) its one of the best looking environments ive seen so far.
    I wish No Mans Sky would look that good and have such a "deep" background.
    The amount of plants, fishes and other creatures is incredible... its reaching from small fish over agressive predators to giant whale like creatures.

    There are multiple game modes... free play where you dont have to care about food or water, survival mode where you really have to survive with food and water and a hardcore mode the game restarts once you died.

    Ive only played a few hours so far but im pretty impressed by the quality of the game.



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