Operation Varyag - Altair

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  • Operation Varyag - Altair

    Operation Varyag1 - Altair. All necessary repairs on the damages inflicted in Unknowns2 on TSH's prison liner were finished, and a time has come to continue with operation and deliver coalition guests3 to their home. Two from three escort ships were this time little behind the schedule and therefore was decided do a regroup in the Dublin system. Operation was ongoing smoothly on the liner's route to Dublin and for single escort ship there was not much to do, fighter pilot could only watch the sceneries in visited systems ... such serenity however not lasted too long ...

    One from the escort ships was sent as a scout to the Deliverance battleship and main group with the Liner followed with little delay. Such tactics was soon proven as good idea because at Deliverance was waiting one from pirates belonging to The Ancient Souls clan. A lone scout had a hard times, but after have arrived main group was pirate forced to withdraw. Police group then quickly entered Styx and at full speed had headed to the Mandar system. After jump was received a warning from the Deliverance that pirate ship entered Styx and can follow. Was decided to prepare small surprise ... it was only a short waiting time than a pirate appeared in the jump gate exit. He decided to attack the Liner, but this attack had not much a chance for bigger success. However pirate ship explosion inflicted a heavy blow to the liner engines and they have malfunctioned in a half way through the Gladius. Technicians on ship's board had a very hard times to do repairs because on scene arrived Nomads, which immediately have launched several heavy attacks with the bombers squadrons.

    Short pause at Gorlowka_carrier in Sovetskaya_

    With repaired engines was Liner able to continue and rest of the journey to coalition controlled space was rather quiet. Fighter escort did quick repairs at Gorlowka Carrier and then all ships continued in open space to the Planet Murmansk. Along the way was seen many fights between coalition military and coalition rogues, was obvious that military pilots life in the Altair is really hard. After landing on Murmansk main starport, Coalition squad with all captives have left and on board arrived two technicians with a high ranking officer.

    Unloading weapons at Coalition HQ in Vorkuta.

    They were expected because we still had on board these weapons acquired from Nomads at Deva station. After a quick check officer asked, if they can be delivered to Coalition Military HQ in Vorkuta. We agreed, since Vorkuta was on our way back, and two heavy steel boxes were carefully transported from the Liner deck only half hour later. Mission was successfully accomplished and coalition military owe us one favour, ... counting deteriorating situation in the Inner Core, and rumours we heard about dooms presence in deep Altair space, any favour and good relations between Altair and Sirius governments can come really handy.

    Liner with escort left Vorkuta and headed to Yakutsk where is located one-way Dimensional Rift leading back to the Sirius space. On board was good mood and patrol officer was less attentive as he should be ... such mistake have usually bad outcome and also this time it was not different. Scout jumped first, then closely followed Liner and two remaining escort ships. Lower Unknown space, which is usually only quickly visited prior jump to Omicron Gamma, was this time not so empty ... another AS pirate (

    or the same which tried disturb operation earlier ...

    ) was waiting there. This time it was unexpected and police scout ship exploded, luckily pilot was able to use the ship escape pod. Remaining police ships were able chase pirate away, but it was him, who was winner in that moment. Escape pod, with the unconscious pilot, was tractored and police group continued to Omicron Gamma.

    Fight with pirates above Planet_Crete.


    Operation name was taken from one from Starlancer ships -




    1st part of this operation:

    Operation Varyag - Unknowns



    Ajay's blog:

    Ajay's Story 2.0: Lost And Found Paradise

    .Was not time for celebrations, pirate have returned with one his friend in fighter and later there arrived also pirates dreadnought. Space above Planet Crete was soon filled with the ships debris and fight ended much later with the dreadnought explosion. It was police victory in the end, but paid with a high price.

    Few hours later was on the Prison liner bridge done debriefing. Were highlighted good moments and also these bad ones. But main reason for this debriefing was little different, or perhaps better said there was one more important thing, which was needed to be done. Between escort pilots were two officers which joined TSH ranks only recently and which still were "only" recruits. They worked hard in previous weeks on fulfilling requirements for become full members and this operation crowned theirs effort. :salutes

  • Nicely done!
    Sure i wished i would have been there to join the action. But School, tests studies and Family (Real Life) are important too.
    Hopefully there will be another operation like this!

    ShadowsFreaker out!

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  • It would seem these pirates are stepping things up a notch. Guess that means others should too.

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  • It was not planned, unexpected but welcomed :) . Especially this small surprise in Lower unknowns :D

  • Yep, the pirate attack was definitely a surprise but a very welcome one, there must be more of them hehe.

    And don't worry Shadow, RL is always more important.

  • And we explored a particular system, and we destroyed an impressive number of pirates ... and blah blah blah
    Only the propaganda of the police as usual ...
    When these guys are not eating a cookie or dinking a cup of coffee, they are very hard to tell their amazing acts of courage ..

    "Frères de la c$ote" we need to organize us to conduct daring raids on systems occupied by these 'rats' and show the whole world of Crossfire that the Pirates can bring.

    Ps:I guess I must immediately write my will after i click 'Submit', but I have done my best to reborn RP.

  • That's funny, I don't remember seeing you there showing us your "courage". That post was a report of the clan event that Martind Forlon organized and it was obvious that he shared it afterwards.

    The pirate attack was an act of RP and nothing more, which by the way we're glad that it happened. I don't know what "propaganda" you're talking about, so perhaps you should re-read the post.