Freelancer Crossfire won't run

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  • I've recently installed Crossfire 2.0, since I wanted to play Freelancer again.
    Well, so far so good the installation went well, the activation too and when I launch the game..bummer!
    The movies go on..I cancel them..and then the game minimizes and crashes on its own. I've read the FAQ's, deleted the folder..tried lower settings nothing works.
    I'm running Notebook ASUS K55VJ-SX169DM (i7 version) with 8gigs of RAM,Nvidia GeForce GT 635M and Windows 7.

  • Can you please try:…ire/advices/#a-autoMark_0
    Then please try put check antivirus if it did not silently removed some files
    And after please try use eventvwr, search for app crash log details and put it here.

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    and also please check here: Freelancer won't start - Again for your FL folder size and other info there

  • Doing all-fresh install of the Game/MoD/FLMM and basically everything. Will update Shortly with Size/Files/Folders.

    P.S Here are the Size/File Count/Folder Count numbers.

    Crossfire Mod (FLMM Folder) - 6.41GB , 8,464 Files , 866 Folders
    Freelancer with Crossfire 2.0 Mod activated (Eset nod32 turned off) - 9.21GB, 19,070 Files, 863 Folders
    Freelancer with Crossfire 2.0 After Launcher Updates the files - 9.39GB , 19,552 Files, 875 Folders

    The Error is still incheck, after startup -> movies/intros -> game minimizes and then ->
    Име на проблемно събитие: APPCRASH
    Име на приложение: Freelancer.exe
    Версия на приложението: 1.0.1223.11
    Времево клеймо на приложението: 00534d69
    Име на неизправния модул: unknown
    Версия на неизправния модул:
    Времево клеймо на неизправния модул: 00000000
    Код на изключението: c0000005
    Отместване на изключението: 00000000
    Версия на ОС: 6.1.7601.
    ИД на езикова променлива: 1033

    The Log from Launcher :
    00:26:27.854 --> [i]:Starting Update...

    00:28:10.328 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    00:28:17.809 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    00:28:18.614 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    00:30:51.331 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE1

    00:30:51.613 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed

    Screen of the Flconfigdatabase.txt and GPU: 033356dc88080eab.gif
    P.S 2 - I've changed the name from GeForce GT 635 to Geforce GT 585

    p.S 3 Sorry its in Bulgarian, I hope you can Google translate it so you can resolve the issue I'm having.
    Looking forward to playing MP, Cheers!

  • Freelancer with Crossfire 2.0 After Launcher Updates the files - 9.39GB , 19,552 Files, 875 Folders

    .. strange, you have approx 2000 files more compared to my FL folder, this looks to me as little too huge difference (something worked wrong with mod activation? .. dunno).

    btw Vanilla FL have on my PC approx 900Mb with 8,4k files.

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    Your old CF versions/installs .. had you FL game folder deleted prior last time started install/activate CF 2.0?

  • does clearly not look like a clean FL installation



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  • ...then PLS read and try this instructions (best : to the letters ;) ) for a "true" cleaning and reinstallation

  • I'm reinstalling the game for a 10th time today..still can't get it to run. The instalation is clean! have never runed 1.9 or previous or in that matter any Freelancer+/-mods.Now another error seems to ocure.
    "Error: FLMM has determined that 'Crossfire Mod 2.0 Client Edition' won't properly deactivate.
    Warning: unable to restore 'd:\games\freelancer\exe\freelancer.ini' because no backup exists! (test run)" That appears when I try to de-activate 2.0 from the FLMM.

  • CF cannot be deactivated. More in chat.