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  • I'm afraid that's something harder...

    But that's my default mood the rest of my real life (at least those moments when I'm not sleeping neither out from computer) :)

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

  • And now I blame myself, because all of that BS mess and wishlists was begun partially from me. If I knew that it's going to go THAT way, I'd never joined the forums.

    I do not want to blame anyone.
    I'm sorry that cannot be pleased everyone ! But it's impossible (in every game ..... and not only games) !
    The develop. team must take the ways, the decisions, and take what they prefer.
    OP has a vision of the game, he must realize it !

    ---------------------------------- You have done very well to say your opinion ! ----------------------------------------------
    I said my opinions in the past, too !
    But if the developer says : "no we'll not do this" we must respect this, and not continue to ask or require the same thing, as it seems that someone has done.

    We must continue to say our opinions, suggestions, but do not expect that the game takes a way that the developers don't want to take.

  • Oh FFS, not all this shit again.. 8|

    Saw all this last year b4 1.9, should have saw this coming YET again !!!

    OP take a chill pill, and i am sure 2.0 will be just as good as 1.9 if not 100% better.

    Kudos to you man....



  • 100% better.

    Yep, he will put an Awesomeness Class 10 on it :)
    But where I live, anti-depression "chill pill" usually looks THAT:

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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  • If this is OP's final decision, then I respect this and wish him all the best. He created an awesome mod with 1.9 and I was looking forward to 2.0 as his legacy. Something I would still be playing in years to come.
    He has shown a hell of a lot more patience than I would have managed to muster. So respect where respect is due.
    You do what you think is right OP. So say we all.

  • Check this out, you re even famous amongst other mods:

    LoL Discovery is flooded with these:


    Thank you. I had been watching it on my ModDB account. If you look at the ModDB page for the Freelancer mod(Originally suppose to be), SWAT Dev is putting some serious changes to Freelancer.

    You can't give up, you already made a name! :) One of the Best mods and one of the Best "Freelancer" Developers. Please Keep it up! I bet after these news, People looking forward for SWAT's new Projects, and at the moment it's Crossfire 2.0 (I mean the one that is planned to release soon). Thanks to SWAT Develop. Team. Nice Work :thumbsup: Damn, you guys even caught attention from atm the most played Mod and the Mod that has at least over 150 Players all day (Discovery), I say it, this Project has a Future!

  • Well I haven't been here to long and maybe I should not be commenting but I have seen in all of my almost 50 years ( well in the last 30 years at least) this same problem time and time again....person has a dream, person talks with other people about making dream come true, person works with other people to make dream come true.....then....brick wall...op listen to these words. If you are stuck because of personal problems(which by the way is the top reason why someone wants too just throw everything away) or the second most reason is...that person is afraid that he or she can't satisfy everyones ideas or needs. Maybe OP you are stuck on a certain idea and you just can't make it work.OP READ THIS CARFULLY!!!! STOP!!! step back.......take a vacation,weather it be a week , a month , a year...(God I hope not!)Whatever or however long you need...TAKE IT!!! Then when you are ready and only then...without the constant nagging on HOW LONG?....... This is your baby and you should make it how you think it should be....IF someone doesn't like it then screw them. When "YOU" decide to continue, then you should take a long look at what you have, then ask yourself .."Is this what I want?" Not what others want. It is your idea , Make it how you want it to be. Sure when you can't decide you could put a post up and ask everyone on there opinion,or even say the idea that gets the most votes, so be it, and it ends there! Again, this is your baby,you can't satisfy everyone. IT they don't like , again screw them they should go somewhere else. Please take a break, vacation,whatever, just don't throw everything away...Take your time and when you are ready, finish "YOUR BABY"....correction your "DREAM"...and when you are finished can,...... ?????...retire.....Hope not! But then and only then you can let the next generation work on there own dreams..............

    OP......Whatever you decide to do "after" your vacation then I wish you a joyfull and happy future .......hopefully, someday we will meet each other in your new dream..............


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  • Oh FFS, not all this shit again.. 8|

    Saw all this last year b4 1.9, ...

    and before 1.82, before 1.8, before 1.7, ...


    Am I a man ? I am. So - I got married. House, wife, children,everything.
    The FUULL catastrophy !

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  • and before 1.82, before 1.8, before 1.7, ...

    rofl, I think i now know the reason...........
    Its winter, and normally everyone is depressed at this time of year....
    Triple dip recession, not enuff money to buy nice things, shorter daylight,
    cold, miserable, flu's colds and coughs, and thats just happened to me this month alone. :wacko:

    Still as always we the Great Human Race seem somehow to get through this as i am sure
    OP will too.... :thumbsup:

    So chin up bud and carry on being the Mod Master that you are, as we all know that you are...
    You know that you have our support and help whenever you want it, doesn't matter how small it is
    help is help.

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  • @ALL

    see the original start of this thread. all of your breast beating is doing no good at all, probably the reverse. if you love this mod and this community, leave OP alone and somebody please close this thread.

    give OP time to calm down. give him space.

    please close this thread.

    Ray OK

  • I think exactly the same what RayOK posted and will close this thread. If you (anyone) think that close it is not best idea, ... my pm box is open.