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  • hi Wombat. its okay i am also Explore and but i do fight to stay alive make it more challenge in ^^

  • Hi Leroy.

    Saw your post to Martind. I'm one of those silent types: SP for me. I get around, try to help MF by sending him new maps to post at WIKI. I'm just an explorer. No fighting for me. Just explore. Totally disarmed, friends with all factions (except the aliens, which means I have to fly in God mode). …… welcome back.


  • well rip my account got banned...but im going report it on ticket

    • no worrys account was unbanned on Aug 22 timer 20:00 XD

  • Welcome back!

  • thx i just need to get my acount back from Crossfire XD

  • Welcome back Leroy :)

  • Eelcome back leroy50 :) :)

  • im back. i am ready to fly again :)

  • my id is fixed i got on :P

  • If the ID's doesn't work, you can always 'rebuild' I'd be glad to help you with that ^^ Also I didn't know that teamspeak was on again :)

  • i do have a mic :)

  • dont no how long i must wait to get back in game. if my id acount dont fail me but alwees fail i got id acount page its not rong.

  • thx its long time but now. i have id acount promblen it will take time. i did send mail to admin so i will wait to get it so i can go back in space helping and explore more mabye make new friends because i am now alone......

    • hehe don't worry, you will, not as much players as back in those days but however, still lots and very friendly ^^ btw is that Illidan Stormrage as the profile picture

    • yes. yes it is cool right?

    • new picture and new about me :P

    • Very cool ^^ looks Reign of chaos-ish :P

  • Hi, I hope you know that you have double Clantag ;) It is great to see another experienced player back in the fold. A lot more has been coming, and very few are going. It will be great to see you in space :salutes

  • and i will upgrade more info about me

  • i will upgrade my new avatar soon

  • i am back. i am ready to defending poeple now

  • I Will be back on crosfire 2.0

  • Discovery Missioan: U.S.S,Promblen 31-12-2014 13:00

  • hmm leroy about your profile setting look there is some thing wrong don't put ' () ' follow this info ....Clan Tage : INT .Clan name : International .Brackets : () .Link :http://swat-portal.com/forum/i…w-Group-Official-On-Page/

  • XD am with you man others waiting

  • If you guys need help I am U.S.S.Leader i.m alone one on Crosfire. i will Defance Civilian and save them

    • If you guys need me just call me. i am U.S.S.Leroy of leader of U.S.S.Police i'm only one on crosfire 2.0. i will defance Civilian and save them and kill any pirate who dares attack my POEPLE!!!

    • my poeple are on Discovery 4.88 they doing really good they dont need me so i join International