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    Difficult topic in a multinational gaming community...

    I don't like war - no matter where, no matter which parties are involved. Not between countries, not between religions, not between ordinary people. In this particular matter, I think both sides (West and East) can speak their minds, and for me, it is absolutely clear that both sides get their information about each other. We are influenced by the media we consume, while the others are influenced by their own media. I call that propaganda. Which is not propaganda: There is a war in Ukraine. It's not a special mission. I don't need to name any particular case from near or distant history. I make all nations involved guilty of all current and past wars.

    In terms of a sovereign country. Ukraine's problems must be solved first and foremost by its own people. They must be solved by the local authorities. It is not a matter of Russia or the EU or any other country. The other nations could simply call all parties to the diplomatic table. Offer support to build legal authorities that can govern their people. This is possible without anger and war.

    All the war crimes of the past should not have happened - it should all have been resolved with UN forces - "justified" by the UN General Assembly - and most importantly with a simple or two-thirds majority vote of the UN Security Council. Which brings me to the next block of questions - what to do with oppressed or killed peoples - if there was no UNGA or UNSC interaction plan? The minority must be protected and saved. Divide states - or something like that? I don't know. But for this, ideas, plans and rules would have to be generated in these institutions, which then just have to be ratified by the majority of the states. All this should have happened long ago!

    What bothers me more. Why is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine not brought before the UN? Why is this institution so weak? Why are military conflicts not resolved with UN blue helmet troops? That would be a globally militarily enforced solution - ordered by a confederation of states, not controlled by one state alone. It seems to me that Russia does not accept that Ukrainians vote on their government. Do we think they will interfere in a public and free election? Somehow I have a feeling that they will. Why? Well, we've already seen that in Crimea.

    Unfortunately, Putin himself has stated that the split of the USSR was a big mistake, and he wants the former Russian Empire back. And somehow, he could enforce this with the help of nuclear weapons if another state interferes with his actions. As much as I thought Mr. Putin was a smart man, his latest statements suggest to me that he is angry about his life, his work - and wants to distract from domestic issues. Sad. Very sad - unfortunate for the whole world.

    I just hope killing stops soon and diplomatic and politic actions can take place.

    * I would also like to add that when I talk about Russia, I mean only its government and the people currently acting who are responsible for it. I don't blame the Russian people, where most of them are really nice (there are assholes in every nation though :)))

    My proposals:


    Launcher has background music - a volume slider and/or a mute button for it wouldn't hurt IMHO.


    Although I could add to mute the music when the game launches... Thought to have done this already - need to check the source

    edit 04.03.2022: Checked it currently, the music should stop while playing and continues again when the game has been stopped.

    Don't know what happened here, actually I only can think of a server side hiccup. Actually, when the text is plotted, the money should already be on the char. Did you try to log off and on again? Was it there afterwards? Or is the money gone? Also, is it no longer on your account?

    How about flying the route backwards in a zigzag - but now between the gaps of the forward zigzag tour? :D Then you increase the possibility to find it :) :)

    Well, what a welcome. You're new to a community that provides a lot of new and reworked content for a very old game - and it's free. Anyone can use it for free.

    Fortunately, there are supporters who still keep this place alive. :thumbsup:

    Then, of course, you come along as the new guy and demand and get pissed off when a certain feature of the game can't be changed to your liking. And still admit having ripped out content for your own purposes.

    That's what I call a successful start. If you do the same in real life, then I can hardly imagine that this approach will be successful - I hope for your sake that it will not be :)

    If that's why you want to leave - we can get along better here without such *troublemaker* (guess it's the appropriate translation, Requiem).

    Ahoy and welcome.

    PS: Is that Greek? I know it only from school times to name angles with a few letters :D

    PPS: Means, I would be glad if you could switch to English as forum language!