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    Ahoy m8,

    what about if you add some pictures to our gallery. I am sure you guys have some nice screenshots about CF on your PC.
    I currently added a few icons to the Freelancer Gallery.

    Adding pictures isnt that hard. A bit tricky but feasible for everyone.
    Use this link here:…age=Gallery2&g2_itemId=62
    And on the left navbar choose "Add item" or "Element hinzufügen". You can choose jpg or png (bmp is not possible) and you can define a describtion for the image as well as an summary. Probably we can add some categorys. So you could add event pictures as well as normal screenshots?!

    And last year there was a SWAT Wallpaper thread. We could try to revive it and add some images into our gallery too :)

    very amusing to see that women cannot park their cars.

    the little green one and the scoda lady a few seconds after this are my favourites^^



    Hm inside the Nomad Outpost... well - ahm - guess Nomads are in there. They look ugly such that a human would become sick if you look at them more than just a second. Thatswhy its better to shoot them everywhere they respawn. Besides the fact that you need a battalion to dock there - nothing really important for SP or MP is inside there.

    Isnt this description more stimulating than just posting whats in there? ;)

    yeah indeed - the in game screenshots are really inceasing the interest for this game.
    In my humble opinion this game is something inbetween of Freelancer and Eve. I'll definitely give this game a try - if its released in the near future.

    It's the moment players have all been waiting for. gamigo and Reakktor Media have given the green light for closed beta testing of the space action MMOG “Black Prophecy”. The virtual universe is now open to a select crew of daring pilots looking to join the Genide or Tyi factions.

    In the past few weeks, the Reakktor team has been working very hard to get “Black Prophecy” ready go to into beta testing. The focus during the first phase of testing will be on server and program stability. For that reason, only a small group of about 100 players will have access to the game server. More fighter pilots will be recruited in time.

    I wish you much success in and out of Nephele - guess its Nephele unless there is another system called Nephelle ;D

    I think there might be soon an occasion so to see if you know Nephel(l)e by heart or not - and if not - you then will!

    Ay ay.

    We will keep an eye on this. Its in no ones interest to insult anybody. That - in this matter i confirm - is counterproductive.
    Although i must say - sometimes it would also be nice to show some nice manners as well. Even as new player. If you have problems - try to explain them, show what is not working. Nicely of course. And if the primary requests are in a proper form everyone feels pleased to help as far he can.

    Every coin has two sides - so lets be nicely with each other in our all interest :)

    It seems like a very long time indeed since Terran Conflict Update 2.5 arrived and for hard-core players of the game it's probably been too long! Don't worry though - the wait is now over and it can be assure that your patience will be rewarded. Every time they thought they were ready to release Update 2.6, another feature came along which was too irresistable to leave out.

    Trailer: [video]


    Update 2.6 features the long-awaited New Home missions, which promises to be quite an adventure for those who like their THINK missions. This project has been developed by members of their own community and after a period of testing and evaluation is ready to be shared with the wider Terran Conflict-playing world.
    Terran Conflict Update 2.6 also brings the introduction of Steam Achievements. They have been working with their partners at Valve and Steam to bring the achievement system to Terran Conflict and once again members of their own DevNet Community have been instrumental in their development and testing. Those of you who don't play the game through Steam need not worry about being left out. With Update 2.6, we are pleased to announce that all users with a valid registration key for the DVD version of X3: Terran Conflict will be able to register with Steam and download that version of the game FOR FREE! You too will then be able to enjoy the benefits of Steam gaming, including Achievements.

    One other feature that their work with STEAM has made possible will soon be available to players of that version. Although it hasn't been possible to include it in this Update, they are pleased to announce that in a coming update STEAM players will be able to choose a Dead-is-Dead gamestart, which takes advantage of STEAM technology. Keep an eye out for that!

    Concurrent with the release of Update 2.6 is the long-awaited arrival of the X3: Terran Conflict Bonus Pack. This favourite fixture of previous X titles will offer some of your favourite script plugins, developed by members of the community and which have also undergone rigorous testing and our robust 'script signing process'. Among the more popular scripts to be made available in the Bonus Pack are the Commercial Agent and the Commodity Logistics Software.

    Update 2.6 not only introduces new features. As is the norm, a lot of work has gone into addressing some of the issues that have been brought to their attention, such as issues with sector traders, the missing wares for sale at the Goner Temple, weapon information displays for ships with only missile turrets and also some missions have been tweaked. They have also made some improvements to graphics rendering which should give an increase in game performance.

    PS Why do I have to log into SWAT again each time - even the remember me setting or whatever it is called is failing. And both at home and work.

    Could be reason of a wrong cookie settings or some browser relevant settings that have a higher priority than your settings.. I would check Cookies first tho ;)

    As my clan for once is out of any discussion

    Seing my comment i wrote above... guess not. Its me alone as Freelancer for now. So my clan still exists but not here on the server. Meanwhile i enjoy doing all parts of the rp at my own will :)

    Reakktor (the developer of BP) found a publisher - gamigo for this game and they are going to start a closed beta - as far as i know in May. The game will be free to play with the possibility to buy additional stuff - but not to be better than anyone else. No its to allow players who cant invest many gaming time to buy the equipment. They are still planning stuff for this game.

    Some eye candy trailer was released lately - here a preview.



    A hearty hello @ all.

    Ahoy this is - ahm Huor.
    I know there have been - maybe they still are at place - big issues about me and my clan. That has been now 5 months since I broke off of CF.
    Related to OP there are still a few things that needs to be sorted out - but hopefully nothing that couldn't be solved. I've tried to keep contact with a few fellow pilots of CF. First I am very grateful @ them they didn’t refused any contact as I thought they would have every reason to do so.

    I thought with my retirement there would have been others who try to take up responsibility for this server, but except a few passionate CF gamers - really nothing happened here.
    In my former times on this server and forum I tried my best to keep the players in the right mood, didn’t succeeded with it every time. But I was not unsuccessful at all. Never mind old times.

    Now CF 1.8 is released since some when in January and I really never have seen any advertisement in other forums - except moddb. There was not any advertisement on TSP for example - the best source for Freelancer modders. It’s visited regularly by players and modders too. Even the advertisement at moddb was a joke (imo). I am not sure what you guys and gals fear?!

    Currently if I wouldn’t partly know what are the features of CF 1.8 there would not be any reason why I should join this server - probably because I wouldn’t know of it anyway.
    Consider there wasn’t even any information on the portal page - simply nothing. Nevertheless there seems to be a bunch of new players on the server and except a few events there seems to be partly no role-play. What about pirates, any coppers? Where are the smugglers? Ahm sorry guys - its all of you (players, forumers etc...) who are guilty on the current situation. Some more and some less - I know I have my part in it as well.

    It’s hard for me to post this here as I am not that kind of person who speaks out loudly. But one thing is sure. It’s the community’s part of the role to keep the game interesting, to promote the game, and let others be part of the fun. Gaming is only worth the time if the main reason of gaming is not destroyed -> in my eyes the fun. Just a few minutes that releases you of your real live problems without caring those problems to the server. That would probably be the worst you can do.

    So ahm yes before this story becomes a ballad - I would say. I can leave the crap of the past behind me. There are a few words necessary I need to talk with OP about - but that’s not your entire problem. I know the time is rare and besides the majority I am still pretty aware that the time is ticking on this server.
    Basically I would offer my help to proceed with the game, server and possibly forum. I know I have to earn back the trust I possibly had once - but I may give it a try.
    As my clan for once is out of any discussion here I would spend a few of my time on the server to get some role-play again established - because that is heavily lacking. I would please anyone of you to finally grab your boots and play back like it old times - just for funs sake. I am also pretty sure with the right support it would be possible to bring back the ASF/CSF matches. One of the main features this server had and still has to offer. So let’s try to get this server back to where it belongs - on one of the top positions amongst all servers. Realise that it’s all of yours role to be part of it - to enjoy the environment and the community here and lets others be part in it.

    So I end my letter here. I hope to see anyone around on the server soon as victim or wingman - doesn’t matter - mainly you are there to participate. Let’s go!

    Sincere yours