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    Ever heard of Santa Clause bag that hides numerous gifts for all the kids around the world? :D

    Maybe with the retrofit and new technology that came into the ship they have an inter-dimensional room in their ship.... Who knows^^

    I would just like to let you know, that I plan to make some updates this weekend on the server. These updates don't contain any new features yet but are to trace crashes and eventually increase integrity. I don't know yet exactly when, depends a little on the progress I can make with the development. I will let players on the server know when this is going to start.

    So far we were able to find some further vulnerabilities that have been fixed by OP and which are already part of the continues updates you all can get from the launcher. Little by little improvements - with some steady progress. There is more to come.

    Stay healthy!

    Over and out..

    Cause it might be detected as timer cheat if the game runs faster than expected. If you feel you are kicked more often this could be a reason

    Just tested it. The launcher uses all cores that are available. The game itself too. As long as i dont dock or undock. Seems something else resets the affinity when these events occur. Its not the launcher but must be something else. Either its a plugin or something else i am not aware of. Adjusting the affinitry from the launcher on seems to work but doesnt change the fact that something in the game itself resets the affinity back to one core :(

    I could try to set its affinity to use all cores that are available if that shall help. Never did this before but googled a bit about that topic and code wise its possible... However that requires an update of the launcher when it turns out to work...

    If you take a magic lamp and rub it vigorously, then wishes be granted. Maybe you will be faster with this... ?

    didnt they moved to a new vulcan planet? as far as i remember vulcan has been destroyed from the romulans as spok missed to rescue the romulan main planet from a super novae. so does the new vulcan has a moon?

    But the burn did already happen when Burnham arrived. So it must have been an alternative time line.

    The explosion somewhere must have its origin, I think it might be related with the spore network. Even there traveling requires time and it could have spread across this network like a wave - a kind of terror attack. No one seems to detect when suddenly a ship appears out of the spore network. So even no one could detect a signal out of it. Still questionable does the spore network has connections to active dilithium warp cores?

    If the system here on the portal which lists the donations could be accessed or there is a possibility to extract that information to be processed by an external tool, then this could be a first step to connect payments with an evaluation system... just an idea...

    Or does woltlab has a shopping system or a similar system?


    Still my favorite actor is Tilly. The perfect crew women, funny, intelligent, social, hard working...

    What I did ask myself, what did all the Dilithium make explode? Could it be synchronized through the spore network? From time travellers.

    OK, some ideas which however also needs some CF_Hook changes ( Huor )

    1. Disabling possibility set bounty for player in Arena (and here I mean also Hive and Coloseum systems). This system is in current rules OORP, so in theory there should be not ok placing bounties since it is part of server RP
    2. Disabling possibility use tax/fine and get bounty while in Arena (Hive, Coloseum) ... is possible make licenses not working in these places?

    Implemented both, but not yet tested. Can be activated seperately.

    1. AFK chars will be auto-kicked after set time (I suggest 15-30 minutes) no matter where they are. ... like there really is no fun to try find "target" which moved/s up/down on the plane and is watching netflix in meantime

    Hm, thats hardly feasible with hooking alone. Just imagine someone flies around and has no interaction, cause travelling just takes time. I can try to find something - but the timer setting probably the easiest to find a proper value.

    1. For support RP: is possible track fines/taxes/bounties via hook and bring these into ladder here on portal?
    2. For support RP: is possible use above mentioned ladder for monthly competition with some form of rewards?

    That should be possible. Question would be what special rewards that could be?

    1. For support acivity (clan lvl): is possible set minimum commodities needed to keep bases intact per given time period? ... with disabling modules if demands are not meet? ... there is not need to bring anything to clan bases when they are once finished and clan members have enough of clan items. This, if possible, can change it. Trading imo is starting point for any decent server RP.

    The base offers a possibility rusting and getting older with the time being. Also it could consume crew members and ressources to keep it active. All features which havent been used, yet.

    1. Factions (NPCs): and this topic can be "little" controversial: increase influence gains/losses for players actions vs NPCs for make use of natural freelancer factions environment.
    2. make bigger use from smuggling: either by increasing income, or make them needed for clan bases maintenance ( :D I clearly can see some complains from police side here, but personally I can live with this eventhough I spent most of my time at CF server as police officer ;) ) ... this part may be only for smugglers due limitations for buy these things, but some of smuggled goods do not require license ... use it!
    3. .... tba

    Not so sure about this, Faction or bribing with all its dependencies isnt the easiest task. It should be well balanced, otherwise players could be frustrated or the system itself has no effect. Smuggling could only have an effect for the base when commodities which are consumed or needed to repair the rust can be purchased by smugglers - but that system might only work well if there are enough players / smugglers who could contribute.

    ahm, uhm, wh00t? Then we remove the licenses at all :) Everyone is free to fire, hire or talk :D

    Anyway we distract from the topic, What are the smallest things to do?