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  • So, this will serve as a test for future posts regarding ships. There's 1,000,000 ED ship reviews on the internet so by no means is this definitive. My advice is use the ship that best for your needs as a commander

    BUT since the new update and 2 new ships released, i was absolutely star-struck by the new Krait Mk II by Faulcon DeLacey. This Medium size ship is quite visually intimidating and to me, reminds me of some certain Corellian freighters. There are 4 utility mounts, 2 located on the top and bottom of the ship, 3 large hardpoints in a triangle pattery on the top as well and finally 2 medium hardpoints located on the port and starboard sides, underneath the aft thrusters. The ship features 2 size 3, 5 and 6 as well as 1 size 2 and 4 compartments. This makes the Krait, in my opinion, one of the more versatile ships in the game. With the size 5 compartment, this makes the ship capable of a hanger and ship launched fighters through the use of one of the 2 multi-crew spots available. The cockpit itself to me is unique, yet it provides the "open cockpit" feel that that Asp Explorer gives. The bridge is located on the front lower half of the ship and gives a mostly unobstructed view. By comparison, the Asp Explorer certainly has a wider field of view overall.

    After not playing for nearly 2 months and seeing the Krait in the trailer for Chapter 2 i said to myself "I have to have that ship" and found that i could trade my Cheftain in for a Krait. After keeping some of the more valuable parts, such as a Class 5A FSD, i was able to cut a deal with the shipyard to trade in the Princess and add a cool $24 million to purchase the newly released ship. Shortly after, i proceeded to customize the ship, as my business is tours for the more VIP types of the Bubble. Seeing as how there's a Thargoid threat, i figured it'd be wise to make my ship dangerous, as well as luxurious. With no engineer upgrades, and some beefed up defenses, I still get a 20 light year unladen range. Well within my range requirements without sacrificing security for my passengers.

    Taking on my first fare in the new ship, i was marveled at the acceleration the Krait MkII provided. Maneuvering around isn't as sluggish as it looks, though high-density planets may make planetary landing on the surface slightly more difficult as the ship is very heavy already. Combat wise, personally i can't give you any experience for review, however it certainly appears that i can be a very capable combat ship under the right commander. With such a wide profile, i can understand it can appear to be an easy target. I'd recommend having SLF or similar aboard as the lower back half is not protected by hardpoints.

    Overall, This ship does not have any specific function in mind. With the surprising maneuverability and quick acceleration, there's not doubt that this ship from Faulcon DeLacey is more than ready for any Commander.


    Lemme get some feedback

  • Been "grounded" till 10th Jul .. aaand this ship is really what want me to be back in ED asap :D ... it looks like one from most fun to use ship in ED which was so far released.

  • costs?



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  • Here is engineered Krait MK II build where you have also costs for ship and each component: Coriolis EDCD Edition ... ship alone cost is 55M (it is combat build, but it can serve also as great exploration ship, it's true multirole ship)

    For search where to buy it for discount prices: INARA - Elite:Dangerous companion (you can save 15%; and even few more down if you have some Elite rank)

  • Stock Price at the station i bought it at was ~$45 Million. With outfitting it added about another 6-8 million, i wasn't really keeping track, i was slightly more worried about weights and beefiness than my wallet

    But lets just say i gotta get back on the grind, i'm as broke in ED as i am in RL

  • I finally got this ship into my hands and I need say that it's even much better as I expected it. Have it fully engineered already (with all these micromaterials gathered dugin play it was going fast) and use of weapons is simply to say awesome, harpoints convergence is one from the best in game and ship itself have perfect heat dissipation ... even very heavy advanced plasma (3xlarge) usage combined with emmisive pulse (1x medium) and hammer (1x medium) did not lead to overheating. With speed of this ship (fully armed boost 525 m/s! .. crazy!), weapons placement and on top of this possibility carry SLF (ship launched fighter) this ship aspire on TOP1 position for combat/exploration role. It is not as good as Python for missions running (that is good), but overally FDev prepared really awesome ship for players.

    Name of my ship is Devil_
    Front bottom view
    Rear view
    Close view of cocpit
  • Was gonna alter mine to rank up with the Federation via missions. My whole goal is to make a trek: Earth->Colonia->Sag A-> Beagle Point->Earth

    I still have no idea where to find the Meta Alloys required for the first engineer to unlock so basically i'm still stuck at grinding for an Anaconda. Whats your max jump range comparable to upgraded Asp-E and Anaconda?

  • That ship is fully armed, jump range is only around 22 ly

  • I really dig your ship skin but 22ly that's kind of bleh. i get 20 Ly unladen and (just optionals) i have a size 3 cargo rack, 1 SLF and SRV bay, a size 5 1st class passenger cabin and size 2 and 3 turrets, all gimballed or multi-crew capable. I feel like if i stripped everything down, i'd get 22ly (unladen) jump range. Then again, 22ly aint bad for being kitted out fully and upgraded.

    How do think it flies? it's not as tanky as it looks. I was able pull 180 turn and burns with flight assist on, with very little drifting. the Drifting is most noticeable in the apex of a turn in both space and atmos but its reduced more within the blue zone of the throttle (of course). Compared to the Chieftan, i'd say the Krait is far more maneuverable, at least from a stock setup. I don't always go for range/weight ratios when outfitting my ships. the 19-20Ly i get suits my needs as a high end tour guide. I clients are definitely sacrificing a little efficiency for a little luxury.

    I have a custom made passenger cabin, FDL was nice enough to do a special order for me ;)

  • This ship is not meant to be shield tank, it actually should be able avoid being hit ... but from I have heard, the true power in this ship appear with FAoff flying when it can be rly nicely evasive. My own basic testing looks very promissing. it is very good ship. And for shield ... this ship need biwave, which can be enforced with one from guardian tech. This will give you shield with 1k strength, good resistances and quick recovery. And bcs this ship have really nice speed (boost), you in it really can stay away if it is needed. It have very heavy punch, good speed, good agility, but need to be flying evasively.

  • Yes, i absolutely love maxing out the throttle from a dead stand still or rolling off the launch pad through a station interior running everyone off the space road. I have not gotten into the finer details of combat flying in ED but i suspect have FA off makes it easier to keep your target in front of you, especially if you have fixed weapons.

    I just think it's amazing how versatile the ship is with the variety of modules. With the type of missions i run, i would figure that itd be enough with just engine and FSD upgrades since i don't do very many hostile situations...yet