Game crash

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  • Hellow
    Can somebody help me with my trouble?
    When I start MP or SP game is crashing.
    My LOG:

    10:24:15.412 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    10:24:17.980 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    10:24:39.916 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    10:24:53.854 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE1

    10:24:54.352 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed

    I tried to fix it in 2 days, but did not find the answer :frown:

  • Crash to desktop

    A crash to desktop is a computer program crash which is said to occur when a program unexpectedly quits, abruptly taking the user back to the desktop. Usually, the term is applied only to crashes where no error is displayed, hence all the user sees as a result of the crash is the desktop. Many times there is no apparent action that causes a crash to desktop. During normal function, the program may freeze for a shorter period of time, and then close by itself. Also during normal function, the program may become a black screen and play the last few seconds of sound that was being played repeatedly before it crashes to desktop. Other times it may appear to be triggered by a certain action, such as loading an area. Crash to desktop bugs are considered particularly problematic for users. Since they frequently display no error message, it can be very difficult to track down the source of the problem, especially if the times they occur and the actions taking place right before the crash do not appear to have any pattern or common ground. One way to track down the source of the problem for games is to run them in windowed-mode.

    Bottom right hand corner of the CF Launcher - click on the Gear Wheel and try different shaders and options, there is a box you can tick to run the game in windowed-mode as suggested above, to help you track down the problem.

    For me Vanilla FL shader and a tick in the options box ADJUST TO DESKTOP RESOLUTION works the best.

    if You are still having constant crashes report at TiCKETS here at Swat and OP or one of the Moderators will help you sort things out.

    Good Flying m8 :) :)


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  • do u have windows defender running?

    Another user recently had crashes because of it.



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