Tutorial for CREATING additional Server Accounts

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  • hi, I spent a long time trying to find out how. the information is on the forum, in bits and pieces, all over. hopefully what I have here is a one stop shop as it were.

    I hope this is useful for newish players who don't know how it is done and wish to expand their fleets.


    First of all i must give the credits to Michael, WhiskeyRunner and Forlon. i have read their posts, PM'd them for advice, and finally, found out how the damn thing is achieved. :D So anyway, the first time that u use the Freelancer Mod an ID is generated for you within FL, it is vital that this account ID is printed out or written out so that u have a record.

    The tool that i used was FL ID Changer and when u know what to do it is really simple. another very important point for u all to know is that to CREATE addition ID's u first have to CREATE additional computer USER ACCOUNTS this can be done easily through Control Panel, User Accounts. you can create as many user accounts as you like, and switch using Start (shutdown) switch user. then of course delete them if not required after their use.

    When u are in a new user account and start playing the FL Mod, a new FL ID will be generated, make a record also of the new FL ID. On your own computer, and your main user account, no matter what u do FL ID will always generate your original FL ID. When u first access FL ID Changer you will see first attached picture (FLID - ID main).

    Where it says 'current FL ID installed' it will have auto-detected your current FL ID. First then, save it. Then press the 'clear installed FL ID' button. Right then, fire up your FL mod and your current FL ID will show up for you to 'create'. DELETE the ID and replace it with one that u have already printed or written. carry on to the game then go back to your desk top where fig1 should now be displaying your new FL ID at the top, as before. save that FL ID, then go to 'manage FL ID's how you can see on second attached picture (FLID - ID selection).

    In the 'Select ID' box there should be 2 separate FL ID's. highlight one of them and press 'change FL ID'. That will then become the new FL ID account when u go back into your game. From then on switching is easy, when landed F1 gets you the menu, press 'main menu' then press alt+tab which will get u to the desk top, change ID's as previously shown and go back to the game with a different set of characters. it is that easy.


    Ray OK

    PS perhaps, also, someone would translate this tutorial into the German language, thank you

  • Added to portal FAQ: https://swat-portal.com/forum/index.php/wcf/faq/#faqEntry-5

    For those who want know how to use also different software: https://swat-portal.com/forum/…ancer-Account-Manager-NG/

  • ID generator works well, and easier then creating additional computer user accounts

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  • thanks for your comments guys, however, I think some of you are missing the point.
    the tutorial is based on using FL ID Changer.


    Ray OK

  • I am slightly confused as how to do this correctly, is there a video tutorial for this? I made a crossfire account, wasted all my gp on crates and now I need to find a way to make a new account...

  • Hello Chrelmo,

    I'm little unsure what you need, this guide is for players who want use in MP more as 5 chars (one account (ID) = 5 chars). I fear if you have troubles understand this guide you better ask someone who know how to handle PC stuff better for help. We do not have video guide.