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    Hi guys

    I have issue with CTD at the "Last Stance" screen. It appears for a second and windows working on solution...any quick tips b4 i reinstall everything.
    p.s. come to conclussion that varius shader setting decaides whethr the game will start or not start at all

    "Distant beeping... refreshing my memories...switching to manual... Idk old intercom and access passwords are still functional but I will try to send this message anyway...yes, in the name of the old good days.

    "Sitting somewhere, looking into mobile , like phone device, years passing by, enemies and friend's faces fading away...but butterfly feeling in my stomach is still there, every time I step through the CF universe gates...Same

    familiar feeling, makes me feel proud of what we were and stayed younger then we really are.

    If Gray hair can reveals my age, my heart will cover it up for sure! :salutes ?"

    I have a question on that. Sometimes I am taxed, I check the enemy and see that he is not stronger than me so I kill him right away. But everytime these guys are waiting until you are infight and then kill me when I am fighting couple of NPCs in the same system then for sure he wins.

    So, solution would be that if he taxes me and I kill him ( tax is ended ), since I am also Police, I can fine him and then leave the system so he can't follow me without being charged the fine, right? I have no other choice to be left alone, or?

    Mostly very annoying the guys in X-3034 waiting directly in front of the Planet Crossfire. Very often anyway when I come out there CSF cruiser is there so that is too much. Especially I want to train against real enemies, and in Sirius best NPCs are in X-3034.

    Yes you're right but atm we have no time to fine tune this RP console (as u can read above) but we appreciate ur post efforts m8! We hope that issue/feature will be settled in the near future.
    And these are 2 different things NPC taxing and real player taxing/

    ... you guys know well that settings nor coding is final so you can decide what to do duing play: keep all moneys on your chars bcs want to show high lvl ... and risk high loses, OR be clever, carry less moneys and do hunts/RP like you like. You have now clearly said that ATM things will not change (bcs reasons) and not every player is willing to listen to "explanations".

    Be " clever" is exactly the way we tried to avoid, right. Pushing RP with new possibilites is exactly the way we aimed for in a past years.

    Next to this. also with reduced legal trading profit and with much better possibility made moneys via missions you can very easily keep your play in green numbers and don't care much about "loses" linked with /fine /tax etc.

    ADAPT is keyword here, you know well how things works, use your knowledge then.

    And you know Forlon that iam "clever " enough that i can easily say: "Why should i bother my self and others with this" but i can't close my eyes in front of the obvious facts which IMO can harm the RP and server.
    On the other hand if CF universe is big enough to be clever ENOUGH why we discuss the RP solutions at all. I 'll be clever and nobody will find me/kill me,This is not the way, because where is the RP there?
    And why to hide money from my chars?
    Let the console do the job and take money from my bank so i can't bull shit with RP.
    If I create a traffic violation and have to pay and I don't have enough money with me, whether the officer or the court will forgive or do I have to run out to the nearest bank and pay debt.

    100 million 3% = 3 mill
    200million 3% = 6 mill
    300 million 3% = 9 mill
    and so on...

    progressive math

    under 50 mill = nothing
    100 -150 mill 3%
    150-250 millon 3,2 %
    250- 350 million 3,7%

    and so on...

    I don't know it if something like this is possible without affecting game to much, but it can be one of the possible solutions for this matter


    seriously... there are many more important things we have to take care of
    until that is solved RP discussions will be completely ignored by me

    I can hear you OP not touch people's wallets and everything will be ok as smb said b4... ;)

    I have some thoughts about percents and i also think we will have to decide in the near future between linear and progressive math when it comes about tax/fine/bounty amount, or maybe we should stay at max fixed amount (10 mill) as it was till CF 2.0

    One for sure, nobody wants to lose 10-12 millions in the split of the second (literally speaking) if he have to trade 2-3 hours for the same amount. Also such a player will be not able to pay for his own protect while trading because merc will charge him at least for a LITTLE bit above potential risks for its own skin (13-15 mill)

    And we have to protect by aany means new and inexperienced CF players from greedy noob-"vets"

    Having that and other possible scenarios in mind and been aware of CF 2.0 beta and problems we have at this phase, i have to agree with player's concerns about "bad" habbits in progress, which lead us in one and single rational solution!
    We have to limit the amount of tax/fine/bounty - ASAP!
    For now OFC...



    Hmmm, that would mean a pirate or police officer is forbidden his roleplay as long as he has a bounty on his head.
    Not good.
    But what about an increase of bounties ? Tax/fine is capped atm at 20 000 000. Increase the allowed bounty up to level 59 to 10 000 000 and from level 60 to 20 000 000 ? That could even the odds a bit on "counter-tax/fine" against mercs.

    Agree with you, if possible, there should be a "lock" on a fined/taxed player, not to be able to be fined/taxed from another player, at least until the first fine/tax case is closed... in whatever way.

    I think he didn't mean that, he was against 3 to 1 during taxing but i can't see why police force can not use their strength in numbers? ;)