Modding Tools

1. Modding of Darkstar One - Brief Description

Finally, they are available: modding tools for Darkstar One! The now available tools and the brief instructions enable you to customize Darkstar One according to your personal preferences. Revamp the Darkstar One as well as all other ships or space objects, create new missions, change the appearance of solar systems and their number - all this and much more is now possible with little difficulty and some effort.

[heading]2. These options are available for DSO mods: [/heading]

[subheading]- Missions[/subheading]

  • You can write missions, which will be either available at terminals or triggered in space depending on preset conditions upon entering a solar system.
  • Personal missions may contain self-written texts, new voice-over files and sounds. .ini Files
  • All available configuration files (*.ini) may be altered. This affects:
  • Layout of solar systems
  • Trade system
  • Parameters for ships, weapons etc.
  • Graphics
  • Existing 3D models (objects) and textures may be exchanged or altered (note: new
  • objects may not be imported)


  • Darkstar One will receive several modding opportunities in version 1.2. If you want to use mods from other users, you will need to download patch 1.2. The patch will be made available in September/October on However, there will be a beta patch (1.2Beta) available for the modding community within the next few days from this site.

    Latest patch version 1.3 (EN/GER) can be found here.

  • If you want to modify Darkstar One, you should download the modding tools. The bundle consists of: A modding guide, explaining the most important features, Various tools in order to convert files into the DSO forma, A tutorial mod with various samples
  • Installing the modding tools will create a new folder "Modding" in the Darkstar
  • One directory. Additionally, a sample mod will be stored in "My FilesAscaron
  • EntertainmentDarkstar OneCustomization".

Installing and Using External Mods

  • Version 1.2 of Darkstar One will create a subfolder "Customization" in "My FilesAscaron EntertainmentDarkstar One". Each mod must be saved into a separate directory within that folder. You may choose the name of the directory freely. The mod tools will install a sample mod in the folder "Tutorial" in "My FilesAscaron EntertainmentDarkstar OneCustomization".
  • Once the mod has been correctly installed, you will be able to select it from
  • DSO's main menu under "Mods". The name of the mod is determined in the "darkstarmod.ini" file, which comes with every mod.
  • The Darkstar One modding Tools can be found at the DSO Downloads.
  • DSO mods in Swat-portal filebase: HERE