Darkstar One: The DSO

The Equipment of the Darkstar One

At the beginning of the game, Kayron Jarvis receives his murdered father's ship "Darkstar One". This ship derives from a secret research project. During his journey through space, the player should always strive to equip his ship with the latest and best available technologies.Overall, over two hundred items of equipment will be available for these areas:

Bow weapons
Missiles and torpedoes
Mines and fighting drones
Propulsion generators
Ship computers
Freight arms and drones
Special equipment for missions and assignments


Upgrading the Darkstar One

Kayron realizes quickly that the "Darkstar One" is the manifestation of an ancient legend. The "Darkstar One" carries a sinister and dangerous secret: the highly developed technology of a legendary alien race. Kayron's father was secretly researching this technology and he had already built several artifacts into the Darkstar One. Kayron discovers a way to use this technology that enables him to summon a gigantic, fully automated ship of this mystical race from a parallel world.


Using this alien ship, Kayron is able to implement new artifacts that he discovers into the Darkstar One. This enables the hero to develop the ship based on his preferences. The fast and maneuverable hunter, the heavy bomber or the mighty corvette laden with automatic turrets are but a few possibilities.

However, not all of the one hundred artifacts scattered all over the galaxy are easy to obtain. Only one thing is certain: gradually, the Darkstar One will evolve into the mightiest ship within the universe.

These upgrade areas are available:



By upgrading wings, the ship will become more agile and it will receive more mounts for bow weapons and missiles.



Upgrading the hull will make the ship more stable and it will receive more space for equipment such as computers and automatic turrets.



Propulsion is important for using the afterburner and for acceleration. Upon reaching a high level, the ship will be able to cloak.