Darkstar One: Oc'to

Oc'to ships usually attack their opponents head-on. During battle they drop small drones which are able to fire autonomously, causing damage and distraction. A large number of these drones pose a considerable combined force of firepower. The ships of the Oc'to do them proud, reflecting the bio-organic ancestry.

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The Oc`to

The octopus people are an exception among the galactic races. They are the only people who had no knowledge of war before their advancement into space. Their home planet offers an abundance of food and resources for these amphibian beings and the Oc'to do not have any natural enemies. They evolved peacefully over millions of years and focused their intelligence on sciences. They developed complex philosophical systems and technologies, which are based on the modification of organic materials.

A comparatively long time passed before the Oc'to dared to venture into space; initially, they did not have the technology and later, their philosophies did not give adequate reason to leave the planet. Their first encounter with an alien race underlined their reluctance to advance into space as their research vessel encountered a Mortok cruiser which immediately attacked and destroyed their ship.

The Oc'to were shocked and feared an invasion after this encounter, but such an event did not come to pass. The Mortok were involved in a devastating war against the Raptor, which kept them distracted from other potential opponents, although the Oc'to were not aware of this at the time. It was the Oc'to nature to research and discuss, and so they spent decades discussing and assessing isolation, aggression, warfare and diplomacy - all subjects that had not previously concerned them.

Their inactivity ended when a Terran cargo vessel contacted them. The initial encounters were peaceful and satisfying for both sides alike. The Oc'to decided to give advancing into space a second chance. They began spreading out in a relatively timid and considered manner. However, despite their intelligence the Oc'to were very naïve, making them perfect victims for intrigues and deception. So it was that they involuntarily became one of the reasons for the outbreak of the Great War - While they had agreed to sanctions against the Thul, the Oc'to continued to deliver smuggled goods during the embargo - a behavior mimicked from the Terrans.

The Great War taught the Oc'to much about warfare, tactics and diplomacy. no longer are they so different from the other races. However, many of their number secretly wish they had preserved their innocence and never ventured into space. Several rebel groups and religiously philosophical gurus attempt to draw advantage from this secluded yearning.