Darkstar One: Thul

The Thul rely mainly on their ability to cloak. They become visible and open fire when their bow weapons are fully charged. As soon as their energy level has dropped to almost zero, they activate their cloaking device again, which renders the hunter almost invisible. The Thul are masters of aesthetics. Their ships are made of precious materials and feature smooth, rounded shapes.

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The Thul

Initially, the Thul were a political and ideological movement within the Terran cluster. They consisted mainly of scientists who consolidated under the leadership of the physicist Dr. Samantha Thul and demanded the full legalization of uncontrolled genetic experiments and cybernetic implants. The scientists argued that it was their duty to utilize their theoretical knowledge in order to better the human body and spirit and thus to advance evolution. The objective of their research was the perfect human being: highly intelligent, with a logical mind and an almost indestructible body - a symbiosis of living human and machine.

The governments of the cluster denied the Thul supporters' demands, denounced them as unethical and revoked the permission certificates of research for many scientists. Consequently, Dr. Samantha Thul went into hiding and established a secret laboratory in a remote desert area of Earth with a small, tight-knit group. They continued their illegal experiments and made continuous, substantial progress. Meanwhile, their followers were still publicly fighting for their vision of a perfect human being. The movement grew steadily and attracted an increasing number of non-scientist supporters. Finally, the situation escalated when Dr. Samantha Thul emerged from her secret laboratory after more than three decades and presented the result of her research to the public: her body.

The pictures spread around the cluster like wild fire: Dr. Samantha Thul, an eighty-year-old woman who walked through the desert sand with the body of a thirty-year old, bending steel pipes with one hand and beating chess masters in merely a few moves.

These images threw the Terrans into the biggest crisis of their modern history. Hundreds of scientists confessed to carrying implants or conducting nano experiments; athletes, workers and engineers began to fear for their careers. Unrest broke out when the Terrans realized that they were heading towards a two-class society.

The governments were compelled to act. They issued an emergency decree that banned all nano technology, genetic experiments and cloning. Those carrying implants were arrested and detained in large camps. Finally, Dr. Samantha Thul sought a compromise and requested that she and her supporters were allowed to go into exile. After a long period of hesitation, both sides agreed to this course of action. Spaceships were built and financed with a combination of government funds and capital donated by Dr. Thul's followers. One year after the agreement, more than a million Terrans left their cluster and headed towards the remote section of the galaxy that the Humans had assigned to them.

However, the Thul, as the exiled Terrans called themselves, did not disappear into the vastness of space as the Humans had hoped they would. On the contrary, after a short period they had colonized many worlds due to their advanced technology. Their empire grew quickly, and the other peoples of the galaxy watched with growing concern. The territorial Mortok looked visibly threatened by the Thul expansion.

An alliance against the Thul was formed. Terrans, Mortok, Arrack, Raptor and Oc'to attempted to push their new enemy back, but the alliance faltered, hindered by several scandalous events. The last of these scandals concerned the smuggling of goods to the Thul and it was the cause for the outbreak of the Great War.

The Thul steadfastly avoided conflict during the Great War. They focused on protecting the borders of their empire and they delivered weapons to the opposing parties. After the war, they opted out of the the foundation of the Galactic Council. They regarded the other races as undisciplined, semi-civilized beings, driven by organic instincts. This attitude defined their behavior towards the other races - they ignored the decisions of the Council and they advanced their experiments way beyond the ethical limits of the other people. Finally, the Thul were excluded from the galactic community. The Thul felt no

regret. They were comfortable in their chosen isolation and turned their attentions to advancing their research. With each new implant and every enhanced nanobot, they still strive for perfection.