Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel/AMD 1.6 GHz
  • Windows XP (32Bit)
  • 512Mb RAM
  • DX9 Compatible 128 MB Graphics-card
  • Support for Pixel/Vertex shader 1.1 (GeForce 3 and above)
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • DVD-Drive
  • 6Gb HDD Space
  • \r r DirectX 9 (included)

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Intel/AMD 3.0 GHz
  • Windows XP SP2
  • 1024Mb RAM
  • DX9 Compatible 256Mb Graphics-card
  • Support for Pixel/Vertex shader 3.0 (GeForce 6/Radeon X1x00 and above)
  • DVD-Drive
  • 7Gb HDD Space


  • Will Darkstar One support multiplayer? -> No. Darkstar One is not designed to currently support Multiplayer. It will be a sole single-player experience.

  • Will Darkstar One support both Joystick and Mouse controls? -> Darkstar One will support both Joystick and Mouse controls.
  • Will Darkstar One have customizable controls for Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick? -> The Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick –controls will be customizable.
  • Will Darkstar One support mod-ability? -> yes and no. More details to follow in the future.
  • Can I fly more than one ship? -> No, you can only fly the Darkstar One.
  • Can I land on planets? -> No, it will not be possible to land on planets. You can participate on ground-based missions.


  • Will I be able to play the game on my 486-CPU? -> No. Darkstar One needs a Pentium III (or compatible) at least to run. Consult the System Requirements section above for further information.
  • Will Darkstar One have SLI/Crossfire support? -> SLI/Crossfire will be supported by Darkstar One and it will provide the player with a noticeable boost in performance.
  • Will Darkstar One have 64-bit and/or dual core support? -> Multithreading technology will not be supported by Darkstar One directly. You will have a small performance advantage using dual-core processors but not one that would be noticeable. Darkstar One does support 64-bit CPU’s on the other hand but it will not make a big performance boost.
  • Will Darkstar One support Windows 98/ME? -> At the current level of development we cannot guarantee that either Windows 98 or ME will be supported. We are making the greatest of efforts to support these operating systems.
  • Will Darkstar One support Windows XP 64-bit? -> In a word, no.


  • When will Darkstar One be released?
    • Germany - Now Available!
    • UK and ALL English Markets - Now Available!
    • Benelux - August 2006
    • US - Now Available!
    • France - Now Available!
    • Australia - 17th August
    • Russia - tba
    • Spain - tba
    • ... more to follow
  • Will there be a demo?
    • Yes, prior to the release date DSO will feature a demo with 1-2 hours gameplay!
    • The German Demo is now available!
    • The English Demo is now available!
  • How long are the cinematics in Darkstar One? -> The cinematics will roughly be 50-60 minutes long comprising of several indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • How can I find more information concerning Darkstar One? -> The forum from kalypso media :: where games live is your primary source of official Darkstar One information!
  • Are there any trailers available? -> yes there are a number of trailers available from our media download page!
  • I have problems configuring the joystick axis! What can be done to fix this? -> When configuring each joystick axis, please make sure that you only use the left input table. If using the right table, the axis will not be used in the game. This problem will be addressed in the next patch. Some other requests from the forum, such as inverted mouse, will also be addressed in the next patch.

!!Important notice!!!: If you encounter problems with the X-axis while using a joystick without POV-hat, please download and execute the following hotfix. It replaces a file in the main directory of Darkstar One. This fix will be included in the next official patch.