Easter Eggs


Collect all 100 artifacts and beat the game to unlock the Zero Point Drive. It allows you to jump infinite distances.

Ascarong Gang

So, you belive fighting the S`kaa mothership was a tough job ? After you finish the main story use the point zero FL drive and jump to Ascarong system, Hive - AC3 cluster (southern part ). The entire system belong to the infamous Ascarong gang who boast a fleet of 9 fighters, 3 medium cruisers and the biggest and toughest cruiser I ever see in this game, lead by boss Daniel Dumont (with a woman voice !). I suggest to take out support fighters first, then engage the small cruisers who are, luckily, at some distance one from each other. Don`t land to the trade station, because Dumont will be gone. It took me 4 rounds to put Daniel Dumont down (I didn`t have Big Bang/Helfire missiles, only 25 Swarm Elite Mk2) and this is a good thing - a challenge worthy to the men who saved the galaxy ! In part 1 I mean - maybe Ascaron will get the hint !!