Darkstar One: Arrack

The Arrack are a race that resemble insects. They are able to fold space temporarily and they rely mainly on this technique. When they are pursued, they are able to shift their position instantly by several meters. Usually, this maneuver is combined with a sharp breaking action. The shapes and agile movements of the Arrack's ships resemble insects.

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The Arrack

The Arrack are an insect people originating from an arid, desert planet. This planet's water resources were located deep below surface, far away from the scorching heat. The Arrack formed so-called 'Houses': these 'Houses' were gigantic family clans that sometimes included millions of members and they lived in cities beneath the surface. A strict caste system that slightly differed between Houses established a strict hierarchy. A King or a Queen was the absolute ruler of a House. There were no general laws, no civil rights and no parliaments - the caste decided the rights and the duties of each Arrack. The individual was not important - survival of the family was.

Fierce fights over the sparse resources of the planet dominate the history of the Arrack. As they were afraid that the water resources might become depleted or even entirely dried out, the Arrack quickly developed methods to preserve water and to venture into space. In space, their colonization of planets was targeted on those with large water resources which could be used to supply the cities on their home planet. The steady influx of water has somewhat eased the situation between the Houses. Conflicts are now a rarity and the Houses even managed to agree on mutual representatives within the Galactic Council.

Despite all its advantages, the Arrack regard space travel as a necessary evil. They dislike being torn away from their family structure and the safety of the subterranean cities as it brings feelings of unease and insecurity. Castes and hierarchies are not easily maintained in space and some colonies have been known to adopt completely new social structures. On their home planet these Arrack are frowned upon as rebels, outsiders who will never be able to re-join the House where they stemmed from. However, at the same time the sacrifice that these Arracks have made for their family clan is remembered with honor and praise. Nonetheless, these rebels remain outcasts.

The continuous contact with other races has caused many of the Arrack to abandon their hierarchies. Some Arrack grow from this experience; however, the majority attempts to shut away from it. Strangers often perceive the Arrack to be insecure or even timid. This is not the case. Only after involvement of true conflict with the Arrack can one appreciate quite how merciless and selfless these warriors are.