Ajay's Story 2.0: declassified data


Author's Note: The previous chapter had a classified fragment. I planned to write it down when people will start finding the ███████ ██████ system as well as what is beyond. If you do not want to spoil the fun, turn back. if you don't mind spoiling the fun or are that desperate to know what did I find, you may continue, and do not forget that I have warned you.

Ajay's Story 2.0.
Data declassified by Coalition Intelligence Directorate order # ИЕФ131114_009.

While working (thankfully, with his permission) on editing my subordinate's stories, I mostly leave all his writings untouched. The only exception from this are classified data, the only reason I have to do it. Fragment that is following was one of such classified data. The original author did not mind me erasing it from the story release, but asked me to release this fragment once information has been declassified.
For now, such a moment has come.
Coalition Intelligence Directorate General Major
Igor Evgenyevich Flyagin.

"Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
-Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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  • phew, good that i didn't read it before i found the systems :D

    • There was a reason I've put that warning :)

    • well, u know how it is: if there is a warning "don't push this red button" u will surely find many ppl pushing the red button :D