Crossfire 2.0: Save Games 1.0.0

Freelancer Crossfire: Save Games, fully equipped level 10 VHF with the latest weapons and upgrades available for both FL & CF Campaigns.

Hi all,

I took the liberty of creating these saved games with fully equipped Very Heavy Fighters (VHFs) for those who want to experience the Crossfire Mod at its fullest, by starting with the Original Campaign or those who just want to skip it altogether and start directly with the Crossfire Campaign.

The reason for fully equipping a VHF so early on in the FL Campaign is because some people might want to enjoy playing it through once again with the modifications of the CF mod and because right after it, begins the CF Campaign in which you can't allow yourself to go astray of the path and buy whatever you want so that you won't crash it due to the fact that as we all know -> it's an Unofficial Expansion, which is also another reason for creating a save that starts directly with the CF Campaign in a fully equipped VHF for those who just want to skip the Original Campaign.

Information regarding the saved games:

Starting Point:

- Freelancer Campaign [Pl. Pittsburgh right after Mission 1]

- Crossfire Campaign [Newark Station -> Instead of pl. Manhattan due to...technical difficulties]

- Credits [2,000,000,000]


- Good, could always be better though.

(For more, see: Reputation - SWAT Portal)


- Geko

- Raptor

- Saracen

- Saber

- Shroud

- Predator

- Quasar

- Chimera

- Abraxas

- Archangel

- Basilisk

- Black Eagle

- Deimos
- Redemption

- Elite Defender

- Fatality

- Freedom X-Interceptor

- Griffin

- Mirage

- SF18 Arrow

- Titus

- Warblade

- Wizard

Weaponry Available:


- Coalition Gattling

- Phoenix Project Cannon

- W'ar-Sy Propulsor

- Kelyrd-Ray Projector

- Thor'hon Cannon

- Nomad Energy Cannon

- Nomad Energy Blaster

- Dom Kavash Annihilator


- Nemesis Missile Launcher

- Cataclysm Missile Launcher

- Paralyzer Missile Launcher

Cruise Disruptors:

- Mosquito Cruise Disruptor

- Hornet Cruise Disruptor

Torpedo Launchers:

- Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher

- Starkiller Torpedo Launcher


- Revelation Mine Dropper


- Everything is at maximum


Best Loadout:

Refire Rate -> Shots fired per specific time

3.03 -> Higher damage points, but less shots

8.33 -> Lower damage points, but more shots

-> It's a Law in Physics that Speed beats Strength

8.33 Refire Rate guns are new in the CF mod, we used 3.03 in the past for both PvP & PvE. We use nowadays 8.33 Refire Rate guns (such as Coalition Gattlings & W'ar-Sy Propulsor for both PvE & PvP) and you can rarely see people using guns with 3.03 Refire Rate anymore. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean that the guns with 3.03 Refire Rate are obsolete, not at all... it depends on the person with which is comfortable.

- Guns with Refire Rate of 8.33 (Coalition Gattling / W'ar-Sy Propulsor / Kelyrd-Ray Projector) => Could be used fully or mixed

- Guns with Refire Rate of 3.03 (Phoenix Project Cannon / Thor'hon Cannon / Nomad Energy Cannon / Dom Kavash Annihilator) => Could be used fully or mixed

If guns with 8.33 Refire Rate are mixed with those of 3.03, you will have an UNBALANCED loadout. Either use full 8.33 (or mixture of 8.33 guns) or same with 3.03 & 3.03.

Which means:

- Use weapons only with the same Refire Rate, because if you have a mixture of different Refire Rates, that will be an unbalanced loadout.

Info: If you want a VHF that is not in the list (look here: Ships - SWAT Portal), you can either contact me via a Private Message (PM) or drop a comment here (or even in the Support Thread, wherever you like). Other than that:

- Enjoy and have fun.