Freelancer ID Changer

Freelancer ID Changer/Manager

It needs no installation.

As simple as clicking 2 buttons to switch your IDs, even without closing Crossfire/Freelancer game. Just returning to the select server list, whenever you changed your FL ID (before returning to te server list, or while you're on that list), your ID is changed successfully and with no bugs.

The ID Changer has the skill to add a description for each ID, so you recognize what each ID has, and also it uses the REAL FL ID code, as difference of FLAM, which just uses a coded version.

This program makes a separated file called "FLIDs" by default, where it stores all of your IDs, and the real code of your ID. In this way, your IDs are always safe, if you just cpy the FLIDs file on a Memory Stick, a CD, or somethin safe.... whatever happens with the program and your PC, all of your IDs are safe. A new installation on yur PC, or any other PC will recognize the FLIDs file as his, and use them correctly, with each ID's description and all.

A program specially made for Freelancer.

  • Version

    FL ID Changer.exe