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    Let's see. I responded to a logical topic and you respond with your usual.

    Want to delete my SWAT account? Go ahead, makes no difference.

    Elite Fleet engine with Batt Capacitor + RMC + EPTW3 + DEM1 + TT2 ,with 15 second CD, does wonders. With the RMC on it's CD, I use wep batts to compensate.

    Adding more pain to this, is even the basic normal difficulty PvE's are difficult to win. Basic Fed Fleet Alert, I was in 6 losing groups... that has never happened.... ever. Even with the increased DPS / Crits, the NPC ships are very difficult to kill and quite often, the next wave has entered before you have killed off the previous wave by a good margin.

    I'm still on the fence about DR, but all of the above comments are pretty accurate so far. I spent a long time on one mission last night vs. The Hierarchy and I have a high DPS ship. I was doing damage, but the regen rate on their cap ship was insane. I would take it down 30% then it would regen 20% a moment later. Drops were standard on Advanced mode, which is disappointing.

    Well, at least the status quo of blaming Americans first, hasn't changed. I guess Russia couldn't possibly be instigating any sort of coup to bring the Ukraine back into Russia as it was during the Soviet Union era. The Ukraine does trade with the U.S., including providing a port-of-call for our Naval ships up until Crimea was essentially invaded by Russia.

    Ukraine is a sovereign nation, they have the right to choose who they trade , communicate and call their allies. The Ukraine wanted to join the EU, which personally I thought would have been a good idea for their economy, however I am not an economist therefore I can't decipher the data correctly to make that claim for certain.

    Ukrainian citizens who are of Russian descent do not have the right to claim a territory and secede to Russia, they do have the right based on Russian immigration laws, to move to Russia. Not start a civil war with the assistance of Spetsnaz or Russian forces.

    Well I see Op lifted the restrictions on VA rights, but sure as hades, when he did some folks just started running projects , taking FM and not competing anything necessary. Is what it is..

    I'm not sure who is running all of these extra projects, but who ever it is, runs them, takes all the marks and fills nothing else. Currently 4 additional projects are running, two DIL mine , two Embassy. We didn't need either at the moment and it has absorbed close to 80k in DIL we needed towards the FSB.

    I would suggest running a Windows repair , uninstall your graphics driver and then install the latest drivers. There's a host of other things that can be done, but I would need access to your laptop/pc.

    Ok you need to make a couple of decisions.

    1. Cannons or Beams?
    2. Type of ship you will use for most combat

    We need to know what your profession is: TAC. ENG or SCI? This is important, as each profession has it's bonuses and drawbacks.
    You heard Op talking about Space Sets that you can obtain through the reputation system, which will cost you Dilithium , Fleet or Reputation marks. Some of us use a mix of the best components that match our ship and play style. But lets get your weapons straight first.

    Welcome to the Fleet Application Boards. Please post your STO character and handle here, if you wish to apply for Fleet Membership. Once the Admiral has approved your status, you will receive access to the Fleet Boards, Starbase and news, that is related to our Fleet.

    Post a little about yourself, so we know who you are. I will expand on this thread with more information as time goes by.

    I'm running the event, pretty straight forward. Lots of firepower needed and at least 2 good science ships. My Fleet Assault with the 7 cannons seems to be doing the job and so does my Ar'kif. I've been in groups with Sci ships and without. The Sci ships do make it easier. Close the portals as fast as you can and keep the power transferring to the station from the satellites.

    Hour, to answer your question: This world is chock full of people who feel they do not have to earn anything, they feel it should all be given or through " less than honest " means.

    Well with my "number" of mining claims that I have allocated for the fleet, being able to double up on 3 of them would be nice. Could rack up an additional 30k dil just on three claims would be very beneficial.