Feedback from a returning Freelancer Player

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  • Hi all,

    First Forum post here as I recently rediscovered freelancer and remembered how the ending was left too far open :daddeln::daddeln:

    I stumbled across this mod and have been binging it like mad for over 2 weeks, I have to say its been very much made a hell of a lot better! I even had my 1st failure in Mission 1 (Beta 4 got killed by a stray Missile) & that shocked me!

    This mod has been well though out and has also been boosted with a difficulty modified which has even made me go "I'm playing on GOD-LIKE DIFFICULTY" and when it's on highest it is godlike.

    My only gripe so far is Light fights like the Drake in Kusari, just far too F***ng Nimble for me! but that's how the design was meant to be; better suck it up and practice XD

    Again to the creators, thank you for making an awesome extended story past the Dyson Sphere, so much more to see and do, I will be coming to the Mplayer soon to see how that is!


  • Hello SeerixSR388, welcome here! As I see you may liking to improve littlebit on your combat skills, so I suggest to you look at some of combat videos in our wiki section: Combat Video Guides - SWAT Portal . Nothing can ofc replace experience, but with few tips you may progress on combat part much faster and have more fun while playing CF mod. Especially learning how to use rapid fire with slower projectile weapons, and how works evasive flying may be real changer to the combat.

  • Welcome SeerixSR388, glad you are enjoying it, good luck with the combat video guides and eventually, good luck using that knowledge against other human players in MP :D

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