Unable to resume CF story after 1st pause

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  • Hi guys,

    not sure what I should do now and I think I'm screwed. I took the first pause that happenes in Sol, Order HQ when you're in bar together with Juni and King. Went to do the LF side story (I enjoyed it very much), explored all of the systems it offers now, and then went all the way back to Sirius sector because I had a bunch of unexplored/incomplete systems there. When I had enough (still haven't explored everything from the vanilla FL content) I decided it's time to resume the CF story, but I can't find Juni/King in the bar on Mars Order HQ station anymore... Basically, same thing happened to me as to the author of this thread.

    Is there anything I can edit in the save file? I decoded it using flcodec.exe, but nothing caught my eye really. I naively tried changing this

    1. [MissionState]
    2. mission_accepted = 1

    to this

    1. [MissionState]
    2. mission_accepted = 0

    but it didn't help at all. Then it occurred to me, when I compare the decoded CF mission autosave (the one where you should go to the bar and you are right in the Order HQ) with my current one, I might spot some differences. Well I did spot a lot but I assume majority is unrelated and is caused by my LF side story attempt and exploration of the Sirius sector. Anyway, this is something that was of some interest in the part of the CF mission autosave:

    and this is my most current save that is not working:

    So I've changed msn_offer and msn_title to 500697 and 500696 respectively, encoded the savegame and tried to load it. That didn't do it either.

    Is there anything else I can edit in the save to make it work? I mean, it's gotta be something in the save, ain't it? If it helps, I can attach the non-working save. Pls help.

  • Can you please upload your mission saves? (ideally one before you used campaign pause, one right after and then one of saves when you are returning back to the Order HQ? Maybe SWAT_OP-R8R can help with this. There must be something what preventes proper functioning of "campaign pause", but this is ways beyond my technical knowledge.

  • OK, uploading my saves and all my modified files just in case, but I doubt they are of any significance

    If any1 can see what's wrong, perfect, if not... well... Thanks for the effort anyway.

  • will take a look at it but no promises

    its pretty tricky to find an error inside a savegame



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  • Thanks SWAT_OP-R8R but if it's too time consuming, don't bother. I can probably live without having the LF content (and vanilla Sirius sector) complete in my save and just replay CF from the pause point and accepting the CF mission if you can't find the reason right away or if it's too complicated...