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    OK, uploading my saves and all my modified files just in case, but I doubt they are of any significance

    If any1 can see what's wrong, perfect, if not... well... Thanks for the effort anyway.

    Hi guys,

    not sure what I should do now and I think I'm screwed. I took the first pause that happenes in Sol, Order HQ when you're in bar together with Juni and King. Went to do the LF side story (I enjoyed it very much), explored all of the systems it offers now, and then went all the way back to Sirius sector because I had a bunch of unexplored/incomplete systems there. When I had enough (still haven't explored everything from the vanilla FL content) I decided it's time to resume the CF story, but I can't find Juni/King in the bar on Mars Order HQ station anymore... Basically, same thing happened to me as to the author of this thread.

    Is there anything I can edit in the save file? I decoded it using flcodec.exe, but nothing caught my eye really. I naively tried changing this

    1. [MissionState]
    2. mission_accepted = 1

    to this

    1. [MissionState]
    2. mission_accepted = 0

    but it didn't help at all. Then it occurred to me, when I compare the decoded CF mission autosave (the one where you should go to the bar and you are right in the Order HQ) with my current one, I might spot some differences. Well I did spot a lot but I assume majority is unrelated and is caused by my LF side story attempt and exploration of the Sirius sector. Anyway, this is something that was of some interest in the part of the CF mission autosave:

    and this is my most current save that is not working:

    So I've changed msn_offer and msn_title to 500697 and 500696 respectively, encoded the savegame and tried to load it. That didn't do it either.

    Is there anything else I can edit in the save to make it work? I mean, it's gotta be something in the save, ain't it? If it helps, I can attach the non-working save. Pls help.

    One more thing to this content - I checked the map of Burgundy and found 2 of 3 wrecks - I cannot find Sceptre. I zig-zagged the whole southwestern cloud but could find only Cygne... Can you point me to that wreck and satisfy the completioninst in me? :saint:

    Perfect, thanks. Just a side note, that utility does not create a unique dir with a timestamp, just BackupSinglePlayer. So if you accidentaly run it again, you'll lose everything that was backed for the first time. But I made my own backup so I'll use my unpatched files and fly through the LF from scratch.

    OK got it - since I returned to the FL just recently (when I started spamming you with various issues I had/have :) ) - about a month ago - I hope I can safely assume that I am on the most recent CF release (I even accepted updates recently via launcher, like 1 or 2 days ago).

    The question is: if I applied that patch to my savegames (which I didn't need to from what you have said), could that patch mess up the savegames that already had the necessary faction info in them? Because they ARE different from the backup I made prior to patching.

    EDIT: Should I perhaps get my pre-patch backup saves and do the LF content from scratch without applying the patch?

    PS: The info about the LF should be more visible and clearer - explained just like you explained it here to me. For future reference if any other lost soul like me wants to try out the new content you guys created

    PPS: Thanks guys a lot for your answers, they really do help.

    PPS2: Martind Forlon I never load an AUTOSAVE because I remember that it's broken from years ago when I played FL for the first time. Are the other "autosaves", so-called mission saves OK though? I avoided using them, too...

    Hi, I decided to explore the Lost Fleet content a bit so I first tried to gather some info on what and how. Stumbled upon this thread: Crossfire bonus mission - Lost Fleet

    Well, it says the running of FactionPatch.cmd is absolutely necessary for correct behavior so I launched it. First very important question: does it impact (negatively) the original CF campaign? I currently am in the first "pause" point, so can I come back to CF story without any worries? If not I'd probably leave the LF content alone, although I would like to explore it very much as it is very intriguing.

    I noticed several things that can be fixed (mostly cosmetic) but I believe I found a typo in 2 of the lnr.exe lines:

    1. missing \n in the fc_cf18_grprep = 0 between "grp" and "rep".

    1. "fnr.exe" --cl --dir "%dSource2%" --fileMask "*.txt" --excludeFileMask "*.fl" --includeSubDirectories --find "nickname = fc_q_grp" --replace "[Group]\nnickname = fc_q_grp\nrep = 0, fc_cf18_grprep = 0, fc_cf19_grp"

    2. the double quote is not at the end of the line as it should be but a few chars before making fnr.exe fail to replace the text

    1. "fnr.exe" --cl --dir "%dSource2%" --fileMask "*.txt" --excludeFileMask "*.fl" --includeSubDirectories --find "nickname = fc_cf14_grp" --replace "[Group]\nnickname = fc_cf14_grp\nrep = -0.65, fc_cf18_grp\n"rep = -0.65, fc_cf19_grp

    3?. Not sure if it is actually an issue for the game, but as a result of all those replacements, some duplicates of the faction reps are found within the same [Group]

    Some cosmetic issues:

    - no need to use --excludeFileMask "*.fl"

    - no need to use --includeSubDirectories

    - for the very first fnr.exe line you can actually use regex to remove the EOL as well

    1. "fnr.exe" --cl --dir "%dSource2%" --fileMask "*.txt" --useRegEx --find "\[Group\]\n" --replace ""

    - for each fnr.exe invocation you can first echo what you are replacing because the output of fnr.exe does not include it - I actually needed to do that to easier pinpoint errors in the file

    - last good-to-have thing is to make backups to a dir that contains a timestamp in its name to avoid accidentally replacing previous backup - I used date utility from UnxUtils (windows port of some GNU utils) as using Windows date/time is utter nonsense

    I'm attaching the changed cmd file and the date utility, you can use it for reference if you decide to fix those things in the next update (maybe). Or do you have a Github repo for CF where one can submit pull requests?

    Now one more question about the story of the bonus LF content. I arrived in Alsace, got escorted to the Arles Station, docked after I was told to and... nothing? I don't have anything else to do in the logs (it says awaiting mission/objective or something like that), nothing for current objective (N), nothing in NavMap (F6)... Is it intentional (or better to say not finished yet)? Or is it a bug? What should I do at this point in story? There are no pointers whatsoever anywhere... If I try accepting a mission in the Arles Station bar, the game says I am already on the mission. But maybe it's a general feature that you can't accept bar jobs after finishing original main story? I just don't know what to do anymore at this point. Should I continue main CF SP campaign (i.e. return to Order HQ to Junko and King)?

    Anyway, this content looks even better than what I have so far experienced in CF SP campaign so I really would like to get my hands on it!

    Oh, got it again, Mission 21: Smugglers Journey on planet Crete in Omicron Gamma - clicked on news, bam, blank texture, followed by a crash in a few seconds (btw, I can speed up the crash if I click quickly through various news) - I'm still using that patched file you provided.

    So far it's been the only base with the problem after I started using your fixed file.


    this might be a dumb question but - do pods drop from the ships you shot down during the single player story missions (not between them or a jobs from bars)? I thought they did, but it seems lately I don't get any pods from the downed ships. Is this a bug or a feature? Are the ships equipped/scripted in a special way in the late story missions? I was pretty sure I got lots of pods from the earlier story missions but now I'm on mission 11 and I don't get any pods from those poor ships... Also cruisers and battle ships don't hold any high-price pod either... (e.g. in mission where you are to destroy the prototype nomad battle ships somewhere in Frankfurt, those Rheinlanders are all on autopilot without any pod in the cargo)

    Well, I dunno - if it's of any worth these are my card's sepcifications:


    And don't worry, I'll report any other crashes I might encounter down the road. ;) I've started a new SP campaign and I am some credits short of Mission 09... With luck, I won't hit any issue in original FL campaign - I am a bit worried about entering Sol but it's still a moderately distant future and hopefully my saves are now not corrupted (as they were before if you remember from the other thread by me)

    Thanks, but the problem was not there - I'm not even allowing launcher to download the updates because all my edits would be gone. And yes, I'm not into MP at all, wanna relive the old times when FL was such a hit. But since I've played through the campaign so many times, for this run I wanted to make it easier up to the Sol system... To breeze through the official part and then enjoy the CF mod content.

    Btw, since you mentioned the dynamic economy - are all those files (always around 30-40) downloaded by the launcher related to only that? I thought just one or two files are holding the prices definitions for the goods. Or are all ini files downloaded by default in order to revert the CF content to its vanilla state if it was modded in any way?